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    This is a promising plugin I am willing to pay for (especially for the incremental publishing feature) but even the first deployment fails to run.

    I am assuming there’s something I’m doing wrong here:

    Error during task Staatic\WordPress\Publication\Task\InitiateDeploymentTask: Unable to schedule results in build #e75e7c28-9585-48a8-968c-35f7068fbd1d for deployment #fe5c656a-9e5d-4c08-8ab6-2e2bd2b1414a: Duplicate entry ‘\xB0\xC4\xD8\x9C?KD\xBD\xBCr\x80\xEB\x99\xCB\xA6:-\xFE\ej\x9E…’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

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    Hi @seyisulu, thanks for giving Staatic a try to speed up and secure your site. We’re very sorry to hear that you are having difficulties generating the static version of your site.

    In order to resolve the issue, can you please provide us with a diagnostics JSON file? This file can be generated by going to /wp-admin/admin.php?staatic=diagnostics and may be sent to contact@staatic.com. It contains some environment information that helps us troubleshoot the issue (feel free to open it in a text editor to verify).

    Also, what happens if you start a new publication?

    Looking forward to your feedback.


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    Hello @staatic, I have provided the diagnostics JSON file as requested.

    Many thanks for your prompt response!

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    Hello @staatic,

    I see this issue has been promptly fixed in your latest update.

    Very many thanks for your swift response.

    Everything works perfectly now and I can even use the EC2 instance profile permissions without needing to create a separate IAM user with long-lived credentials!

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