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    I have done automatic update of wordpress to most recent version. Everything seems work fine. That day when update was done I installed/removed some plugins, edited functions.php and some other edits. But still everyhing worked fine. But today I tried to login to my wordpress site and I got this:

    ERROR: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress.

    . I tried to delete cookies, another PC, browser, user account, new account, add lines with some PATHS in wp-config, disabled plugins. Now I am really hopeless, don’t know what to do next. And sometimes after login I got white blank page, but that is just sometimes. And this problem is also after update. I tried also manual update via FTP. Nothing helped…

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    it’s more likely to be a server sessions or cookie issue than a core one. Have you spoken to your hosts about it. Or checked your error logs?


    I found only this in debug.log

    PHP Notice: wp_register_script was called incorrectly. Scripts and styles should not be registered or enqueued until the wp_enqueue_scripts, admin_enqueue_scripts, or login_enqueue_scripts hooks. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 3.3.) in /wp-includes/functions.php on line 3049

    Coudl this cause my problem with cookies? And I don’t speak with my host, but I will later today.

    I found the problem. It was in my theme, where I changed some php code in functions.php and other files. I will have to check my typping errors in code. Thank you for help.

    For others, follow these step to solve this issue:
    1)DEACTIVATE PLUGINS (rename folder via FTP)
    2)DEACTIVATE CURRENT THEME (delete theme folder via FTP)

    This should help 🙂

    Ok, I am reopening this topic. I found that my theme is blocking somehow my login. So it cuase that problem with cookies. Is there some procedure which I can follow to determinate where is error in my theme code? Thanks

    Theme is: SchemerType Mag

    Now I have to delete my theme via FTP, login to my wordpress site and then reupload theme via FTP. And do this again after my login cookies expires 🙁

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    your theme is NON-WP theme. you need to contact the theme’s developer.

    That is not true. Did you look at link? The webpage is all about WordPress themes. And you are telling me that this theme is NON-WP? It work’s fine with wordpress, there is a thousand of wordpress functions in it and works fine. It’s integrated in WordPress administration panel and a lot more thinks. So this is WORDPRESS COMPATIBLE theme. There is just some issue with newer wordpress version, because before update everything works great.

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    Did you look at link?

    Yes, it does not point to the WP theme repo.

    Whene serached your theme “SchemerType Mag” in the WP theme repo, it’s not there.

    If it’s not in the WP rep, that means the volunteers here like me has no access to it’s code.

    Accordingly, I suggested you contact the theme’s developers for support.

    Ok, that is correct it is not in wordpress repository. But I was looking more for help, how to debug theme generaly to find a bug which cause, that I can’t login after update. It has to be, some new feature added in latest wordpress, some new cookies for login or I don’t know… It’s not much related to theme.

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