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  • Resolved dacasper


    Trying to use Duplicator to move one of my addon domains to another domain on the same webhost (HostGator).

    Everything goes fine and the site is up. But trying to login to the WordPress admin panel on the new domain, I get the above error. Here’s the full error, again:

    ERROR: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress.

    I have tried clearing all the cookies and tried logging in using 3 browsers – Chrome, Firefox and Opera – all latest versions. No use.

    I also clicked the forgot password option in WordPress and reset the password. The password was reset fine but it didn’t let me login, giving the same above error about the cookies.

    I deleted the installation by logging in through ftp and ran the installer.php once again. This time, on the second step, I provided an additional admin user to create. The site/blog was up fine, but once again, I got the above cookies error when trying to login into the WP admin panel.

    Can someone help me log into the admin panel? Any more info needed, I can provide. I searched for a solution using the search box, but the solutions which worked for others didn’t work for me, and those problems weren’t related to the Duplicator plugin.

    Kind Regards,

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    The plugin currently doesn’t do anything with your cookie settings. You might check the wp-config.php and make sure that any cookie settings that you had on the orginal site are changed to match your new site. If they were set in the wp-config.php. Here is another related thread as well…

    Thanks for your reply, lifeinthegrid!

    I deleted everything from the site and installed a fresh copy of WP 3.7.1 using the Quickinstall software installer that’s on my HostGator cpanel (both my sites/domains are on the same server and same webhost at HostGator). I can login without any problems into the admin panel. But, deleting this install and again using the install.php and the archive from duplicator, I still get the cookie error and unable to login using any user/admin.

    Everything on the old site change anything in wp-config.php.

    I read thru the other thread you mentioned and had read similar threads as I said in my original post. But, I didn’t have this issue doing a fresh install of 3.7.1.

    I spoke to a tech support guy at HostGator and he tried some stuff and then concluded that duplicator may not be compatible with this version of WP. I did see the duplicator plugin page mention that it’s compatible up to WP version 3.5.2 only.

    Anyway, if the only solutions seems to be to manually move the site and then doing the redirects, I’ll try to go this way.

    I tried a few more attempts and what I did this time was – I deleted the old site completely (which was updated to WP version 3.7.1) and then restored the old WP version of the site to 3.6.1. The old site still worked fine as before.

    Now, I repackaged using duplicator, thinking that this older version might work. But it didn’t. I tried several times.

    A third set of trying, I cleaned the database tables using WP-Optimize and then repackaged again using duplicator and then tried the installer.php at the new domain. For both of the above set of tries, I don’t get any error on the admin panel when trying to login. I get the login panel again. Doesn’t log in any user.

    So, I think I’m better off, doing the manual method of search and replace in the database. Wasted a lot of my time, sorry.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey Dacasper,

    Sorry you weren’t able to get things going! The next version will have a few reported bug fixes that may be related to your issue, hopefully it will get you through an install of your site when it gets released…

    Thanks for the feedback and details!

    Nevermind, thanks for creating this plugin and helping so many, for free. My mistake, I should’ve noted before trying all this, that the current version isn’t compatible with my versions of WP.

    Have marked this plugin as a favorite anyway, and will wait for the next version. Hopefully, it will be released soon.

    Da Casper.

    I’m having the same cookies issue and an inability to login with WP3.6 and Duplicator 0.4.6, even though I haven’t disabled them and the plugin used to work perfectly. I’ve tried various methods of installation, including disabling all the plugins, but to no avail. Is this a bug/incompatibility?

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    The plugin doesn’t do anything with cookies… You may have to google for that specific error it may be related to a setting that the Duplicator doesn’t know or can’t set…

    I suspected that the error was unrelated to cookies, but I thought I’d ask as a cookies issue would be potentially fixable. My Googling hadn’t revealed anything useful, apart from others in the same situation, hence my post here. I can’t think of anything else that has really changed on my system since the last time I used it and it was fine.

    Due to time constraints, I’m going to have to switch to another method of cloning the site for now, but this is a fantastic plugin, and I would be really interested to hear if anyone has a workaround or can shed some light on the origin of this problem…

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey Sublime,

    Not a problem… I’m all ears as well. Any help from the community for a fix on the same issue please email me any steps you took to resolve the issue…



    To attempt to resolve the issue, I initially upgraded Duplicator from 0.4.4 (previously working) to 0.4.6, however that didn’t fix the issue. I attempted duplication with every different combination of options eg. installing with/without plugins etc, disabling recent plugins not copied before, reuploading package zips and installer.php in case of file corruption.

    Assuming that file paths may not have been rewritten properly after installation failure, I checked wp_posts and wp_options tables in PHPMyAdmin, but there was nothing glaringly obvious amiss.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    You might try changing your SALT found in the wp-config.php You will need to google for the proper way to do this. I know that cookies are stored based on the salt so something could be amiss there. Before trying that you might also try clearing your browsers cache or trying a different browser, to make sure you have fresh cookies… Not 100% sure what else to try at the moment…

    I’ve made one possibly interesting discovery about the cookie error while playing with the db tables in my localhost 3.71 installation.

    a. Because I’ve had problems with corrupted options tables in the past, I thought to myself “why not use PHPMYADMIN to CHECK my wp_options table.” So I did this, and the table checked-out OK and after, there was, of course, no difference … the beastly little cookie error was still there.

    b. But then, just out of curiosity, I used PHPMYADMIN REPAIR on the wp_options table, and mirable dictu, the cookie error disappeared and instead I got an error message about ‘too many headers’. The text of the message pointed directly to line 420 (the cookie test lines) in wp-login.php.

    c. Ok, says I, “What if I replace my options table (3 files wp_options.frm, wp_options.MYD, wp_options.MYI) with a set of identically named files from an earlier WP installation”…
    Well, I did that, voila, badda bing, the cookie error problem goes away and the login, is completely normal.

    So what I think is that there is some connection between people’s options tables and the cookie error… and that there is something in some peoples option tables that is causing the cookie error to manifest itself.

    Now it could just be a fluke that I got those results, or it could be meaningful. But I tested the above on three different browsers and two machines (it took most of the day), and I got the same results.

    Now, golly gee wiz, I have to go to work this week, so I won’t have time to pursue it… but I’m hoping that someone else will have the time to check it out.


    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    LOL… To bad we all have to work eh…

    Thanks Balthazar for the update!

    Hi Cory!
    I recently ran into this issue and you are right, Duplicator has nothing to with it…I don’t like finger pointing but it is W3 TOTAL CACHE’s fault.

    It adds the following line to the wp-config

    define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ‘’); // Added by W3 Total Cache

    Apparently the search replace is unable to modify this section. So to fix it just open the wp-config and replace it with the name of your new site.

    Hope it helps.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey @pimplicado,

    Thanks for that update!


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