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    My non-profit organization needs to send out an email about our upcoming events but our page keeps producing this message:

    Codex Codex tools: Log in Function Reference/the post thumbnail Languages: English • 日本語 • Македонски • (Add your language) Contents [hide] 1 Description 2 Usage 3 Parameters 4 Examples 4.1 Default Usage 4.2 Thumbnail Sizes 4.3 Post Thumbnail Linking to the Post Permalink 4.4 Post Thumbnail Linking to Large Image Size 4.5 Styling Post Thumbnails 5 Change Log 6 Source File 7 External Resources 8 Related Description Display the Featured Image (previously called Post Thumbnails) for the current post, as set in that post’s edit screen. This tag must be used within The Loop. Use get_the_post_thumbnail($id, $size, $attr ) instead to get the featured image for any post. To enable post thumbnails, the current theme must include add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); in its functions.php file. See also Post Thumbnails. Usage Parameters $size (string/array) (Optional) Image size. Either a string keyword (thumbnail, medium, large, full), or any custom size keyword defined by add_image_size(), or a 2-item array representing width and height in pixels, e.g. array(32,32). Default: ‘post-thumbnail’, which theme sets using set_post_thumbnail_size. PLEASE NOTE: The crop does not work in WP 3.0+. All that is needed for WP 3.0+ is the call for the thumbnail to post. Then proceed to media in the dashboard and set your thumbnail to crop to the size you wish to use. $attr (array) (Optional) Array of attribute/value pairs. For details, search source for the function that the_post_thumbnail relies on: wp_get_attachment_image Default: None $default_attr = array( ‘src’ => $src, ‘class’ => “attachment-$size”, ‘alt’ => trim(strip_tags( $wp_postmeta->_wp_attachment_image_alt )), ); Examples Default Usage

    I thought they were instructions but I still couldn’t figure out the problem. Help?

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