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  • The is not live anymore as it gets redirected to self-hosted wordpress. The link to the post is:

    Given the code you posted above, it looks like serialized data from your site has “leaked” into your post contents. Are you quite sure that you are not pulling any images from

    All the images from existing posts are pulled from the old website as the whole content was transferred over when my blog moved to self-hosted.
    But it didn’t happen on all the posts, that’s what I don’t understand!

    Maybe I didn’t explain myself properly. Are all of the images in your self-hosted site in that site’s Media Library? Or are some images from your still being linked to directly?

    No, none of them are on the self-hosted media library, they are all in the old

    May I ask why you didn’t import them into the new site when you imported the rest of the old site’s content??

    I didn’t do it myself, I had no idea how to do. Someone else did it for me. They transferred everything from the old site to the new site. Is there a way of doing it now? Or is it too late?

    In theory, it’s not too late but fixing it depends upon how far you’re prepared to go. 🙂

    Is all of the content still available on the site?
    Have you added much in the way of completely new content to the self-hosted site?

    The only way to do the import properly now would be to wipe everything in the new site that was imported from the old site (posts & pages). Then log into your site & make a fresh export file. Finally, you’d then need to re-import all of the content – including all attachments – into the self-hosted site.

    As this is somewhat daunting, I’d suggest that, before you do anything, you make a backup of the self-hosted database so that you have a copy of your site in case something goes pear-shaped later on.

    WOW! That’s a lot to do. Yes, I’ve written around 20 posts or so since I changed to the new blog over the weekend. I believe the content is still available since I didn’t touch anything on the old blog. I simply asked the old URL to be redirected to the new one.
    I tried to access the old site and it doesn’t let me log in, it redirects to the new log in, so I’m not sure whether I would be able to get in the old blog.

    Your new posts shouldn’t be touched by any of this, You can leave them alone. It’s just the old imported content that, ideally needs deleting and then re-importing properly.

    I assume your old site is yes? When you started using your own domain name on this site, who set that up for you? And when you launched your new self-hosted site, who transferred the domain name over for you & when?

    I think what has happened is that you’ve had a very bungled import of content into the new site – possibly caused by a problem with the transfer of the domain name. Once we ensure that this domain name transfer has been completed correctly (which it isn’t at the moment), we can try a fresh import which should sort out your current problems.

    Yes, that’s the old site address. Ok, so only the old content should be transferred to the new site.

    I got someone to do it for me, a friend of mine used her services before, she transferred my friend’s blog, then I asked her for the same services. The new blog was set up by this lady. She also transferred all the content over, then I simply paid WordPress to redirect from one site to the other once the content had been transferred.

    So what would you suggest I should do please?
    *PS. Thank you so much for taking your time and trying to help me, it’s appreciated! 🙂

    then I simply paid WordPress to redirect from one site to the other once the content had been transferred.

    No – you don’t want a re-direct. You want the domain name transferred. That’s something completely different. Once you have it transferred, will only ever point to the new site and you’ll still be able to access completely independently and, more importantly, carry out a proper export/import.

    Technical bit warning…
    The person who carried out the original import for you got into something of a bind. They were, effectively trying to copy content from to because the domain name was being “used” by both old & new sites. And I think that’s when your current problem was created – possibly by something that they tried in an effort to force the process. It’s a situation that I do see cropping up here from time to time.

    Oh gosh, I thought I simply had to redirect the site, I didn’t know I had to get the domain name transferred! Is it possible to redo it?

    Actually I just managed to get into my old dashboard. Somehow I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work, but I’m in now.

    Oh, so it’s something that you see here often. How should I proceed please?
    Thank you! 🙂

    Is it possible to redo it?

    You can transfer a domain name whenever you want. Who did you register it with initially? or another company?

    The new domain is with GoDaddy

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