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  • Could anyone help me please? I’m still having some random codes on my posts. Thank you!



    What is the code supposed to be. Meaning is there something missing in the post that should be there in place of the code of is it just random code that you want removed?

    This is one of the codes:

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    It is at the beginning of this post:

    I thought it referred to pictures, so I removed the pictures and added them back, but the code is still there!

    Basically it is just random code that you would like to be removed from the beginning of a few of my posts. They appeared once I moved my blog from to



    Do you have some sort of “Custom Meta Data” widget or plugin activated on your site?

    Don’t think so, I just had a quick look and can’t find anything with that name… Am I loooking at the right place?



    Do those particular posts have a different layout than the other posts like are they marked as video or aside or anything like that?

    That code looks like it’s being pulled in from the database which was transferred in from your site.

    It most likely to do with the theme or a plugin you had active there which is now missing on the self-hosted maybe?

    No, they have exactly the same layout as other posts. They were all moved at the same time, but some have the error code, others don’t! so weird!

    I noticed that the code refers from pictures from, I removed those pictures and nothing.
    I tried changing the theme, deactivating all plugins, then applying the same theme again, but no success.



    Yeah its definitely something in a php file. Its hard to figure out which php is calling the meta data for the posts. There must be a function in one of the php files that is calling something from the wordpress database that is obviously not there anymore.

    Oh, so what should I do? How can I fix it? Any suggestions please?
    It’s weird that all posts were transferred the same way, but the error code only appears on some of them.



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    Basically it is just random code

    That’s not random code, It’s serialized data from a database. Is this a site or a self-hosted WordPress install? If it’s the latter, did you import content from another site?

    Is the site still live? If so a link to it might help in pinpointing the problem.

    It is now a self-hosted WordPress, yes I imported all the content from

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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