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  • Hello , I get this error from paypal express plugin but I don’t how can I resolve it

    DoExpressCheckoutPayment API call failed.

    Error Code: 10486
    Error Severity Code: Error
    Short Error Message: This transaction couldn’t be completed.
    Detailed Error Message: This transaction couldn’t be completed. Please redirect your customer to PayPal.
    User IP:
    2961Customer Name:
    Customer Email:

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  • hello, I also get the same error randomly.

    I didn’t report because I am getting OVER bored by people who have nothing else to reply us but “Disable your plugins, change to standard theme… blabla….”.
    What I usually do is just change the plugin because my shops are clean and my theme is also perfect, nothing to change.

    But the problem is that there is NOT EVEN ONE reliable Paypal express plugins. I am trying all since years, and they all finally have problems.

    I have to agree with @analyticshops on this.

    We run clean shops with minimal plugins and all PayPal express plugins have issues.

    This issue is because the user does not have enough funds in the PayPal account to pay for the order and the 10486 error should direct the user back to the original website to try another payment method. All which in theory should be done at PayPal rather than direct back to the website to try another payment method.

    I believe 10486 error / way its integrated has now been replaced so is obsolete. PayPal express Plugins still use this old method hence the error appearing daily on most of our shops.

    Important: This integration method is deprecated as of January 1, 2017. PayPal continues to support existing merchants using this method, but please be advised new features and enhancements will not be applied to these integration. For new integrations, see (Redirect for an alternate funding source)

    If anyone from this plugin is watching. Can you look the error up at PayPal Dev and update the plugin to enable the newer (Redirect for an alternate funding source)

    I feel so lonely with my problems sometimes !
    So it happens to you sometimes also, few times a week at least.
    But for now this plugin is the one that has the minimum problems ?
    It’s few months already that I didn’t try the other Express Paypal plugins, what about you ?
    If you are interested we can try to really fix this plugin.
    We can install all express plugins on our shops and report all the problems found ?
    Maybe because we are two they will understand and believe that we are not totally idiots ?

    We can only report back bugs (as we wont fix the plugins ourselves) unless the Original app / plugin developer [wpgateways] is willing to fix and correct the bug.

    Note the (10486) error has been obsolete since [January 1, 2017] over 1 year and a half , it requires the PayPal express call function to be re-written so the plugin asks for a new funding source at / on the PayPal stage and not direct the user back to the original shop website to choose another payment option.

    Its in the hands of
    and wpgateways to fix this now

    When a customer clicks cncel, how to Redirect for an alternate funding source ?

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