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  • Good Morning,

    I have a subdomain in a folder with a website that works perfectly, at the moment I change the url to the final one, I get 500 error in the home, I have tried to make the change from the settings panel, from the wp-config file .php, and it gives me the same error, I have tried to deactivate the plug-ins (moving from folder), I have tried changing the theme for Twenty … and it still does not work, what can it be and what can I do.

    I have made this same change in three subdomains and I have not had any problem, the fourth subdomain is giving me many problems.

    Thank you very much…

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  • I noticed that you are getting the 500 error for subdomain….
    I also faced the same problem with
    I have removed that error using the following solution which you can try..
    First you need to go to ‘Default htaccess’and use that default htaccess code for .htaccess file for your subdomain root.
    Now verify the following things
    1 – In apache config , see this option : AllowOverride All [It should be ALL not none]
    2 – do you have mod_rewrite enabled
    3 – .Htaccess file permission should be 644.

    Hopefully, your problem will be resolved…

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