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  • Why not???

    A little more information would be nice when things like this popup.

    Specifically, I am trying to change the slug of a category to correct a typo (lkand instead of land) but each time I get this message.

    Having dumped the database to a sql file I was able to locate a tag with the same slug and correct it, however a more verbose error message would have been a little more helpful.

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  • I’m having this exact same problem. I was trying to change the default category’s name and slug, and got the error message of “Category not updated” – and not even the category name or description got updated. In trying to figure out what was causing the problem, it does seem to be specific to attempting to change the slug. I am using WP 2.3.2

    Emily from How to Blog

    Same issue…

    The issue may be that you are trying to change a category slug description to a category slug description that already exists within your blog. No doubles are allowed.

    I had the same issue as well. Didn’t know why it was happening until I found this post. I think it’d be a good idea for WordPress to use a more descriptive error message here. ie. “Category not updated. Slug must be unique”

    I had the same problem, and it turns out that category slugs can’t be the same as tag slugs in the wp-terms table. The blog I’m working on is an import from Movable Type, so I don’t know that this is an issue with a normal WordPress install. But in my case, the category and tag slugs conflicted.

    It seems like the ‘term_group’ column in wp-terms would map to category, tag, etc, but it’s not in my case. Again, this could be the result of importing from MT. If not, well then that’s kinda lame if you ask me.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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