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    When I click “Create Backup”, the status window appears and shows the Close Window button after a second or two. No other lines appear in the status window. The main window shows “Backup Complete” in big red text, but there’s nothing in the log file, and the error log shows:

    /home/riverwalker/channeling/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-ez-backup/functions/routine/ line 16: .: filename argument required
    .: usage: . filename [arguments]

    This is on WP 3.5, EZ Backup 7.0.6

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  • Plugin Author Jonathan-Garber


    I really wish WordPress would send e-mails when people post about a plugin.

    If your seeing that error I suspect you saw other errors within the plugin as well.

    Go to the settings page ensure all settings are correct and click Save settings. Then try the backup again.

    Also be sure that and are set to 700.

    I think between when I posted this message and now, my shared hosting was migrated to a new server–and I -believe- backups are completing successfully now. I checked the perms on the routine files, they both have user execute permissions.

    I am still having issues, though, and have been getting inconsistent patterns with three consecutive runs (deleting/renaming the most recent backup before rerunning):

    First run, when the backup was done running, I didn’t get a “close window” button at the bottom of the activity log window. It seemed to still be loading or something, since text selection from this window was resetting every few seconds.

    Halfway through “Step 4” (Archiving website files), I get some output on the “Run Backup” page (not the activity window). The buttons (create backup through view error log) get duplicated on the page, with the following text in the middle (edited to remove identifying info):

    riverwalker", t, "scrollbars=yes,width=700,height=700"); return true; } function createTarget1(a1){"http://server/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-ez-backup/functions/logs/viewlog.php?key=sqlusername", a1, "scrollbars=yes,width=700,height=700"); return true; } function createTarget2(b2){"http://server/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-ez-backup/functions/logs/errorlog.php?key=sqlusername", b2, "scrollbars=yes,width=700,height=700"); return true; }

    Nothing seems to be displaying in the error log, though, and clicking the “view log file” after running displays the log with the close button present.

    The second time I ran the backup, the above code did not display on the page, but the close button on the activity log still did not display at the end of the run.

    The third time, I -did- get a close button, and the code on the page did not display, but the buttons were still duplicated.

    Some of the above might be slightly incorrect since I didn’t screenshot everything (I was expecting reproducible behavior) but the point is there’s inconsistent behavior from the activity window, and the view log and create backup buttons redisplay themselves on the Run Backup page, occasionally displaying other raw PHP in plaintext.

    Plugin Author Jonathan-Garber


    Your description of the “Close Window” button, duplicated buttons and raw php being displayed is leading me to think there is something very wrong with the installed PHP services on your web hosting.

    What version of PHP is installed right now. Is it possible since your web host moved recently that there are some issues with PHP.

    Also look for your php error log. It can help run down what is happening.

    It literally sounds like PHP is crashing/restarting during use of the plugin. I have never seen this or heard of it happening before on any web host.

    I would even go as far as deleting the entire plugin and re-installing from the wordpress repo.

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