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    After installation of a localhost multisite (IP: on XAMPP, I got an error-message
    when trying to login at: localhost/wordpress/wp-admin. I only got a blank page with the following
    message onlmessage:

    The domain mapping plugin only works if the site is installed in /.
    This is a limitation of how virtual servers work and is very difficult to work around.

    I have installed the plugin: WordPress MU Domain Mapping. As adviced I did not download
    it from the site but from:
    Installed after guidelines at Otto on WordPress.

    I am not completely ready as my site still gives the same outcome as,, and so on.
    All domains are directed to: localhost/wordpress/
    I hoped that I could change this through the multisite plugin. But now I only got the
    error-message (above) that totally blocks my access to wp-admin or supreradmin.

    I saw another thread about this error, but I did not get what was the cause and effect there.
    Therefore I had to ask. I would be glad if I could begin develop new sites locally at my computer.

    Which steps do you recommend to eliminate this error? Or should I completely delete the plugin?

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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    Move your site out of the /wordpress/ folder, really.

    It’s pretty clear.

    (By the way, Otto’s tutorial is a bit old, you can use the latest version of the plugin now.)



    Thanks for your suggestion Ipstenu.
    As I thought the WordPress-folder might be a must have, I did not reflect on deleting that level. However, now I have deleted the WordPress-folder.

    During the process I found that there was a conflict between an index-file (error-check in XAMPP) in htdocs-folder and a WP-index-file (from WordPress-folder) that tells WP to load themes and output them. I eliminated the conflict by changing the name of the XAMPP-index-file.

    I also had to make changes in wpconfig.php and in httpd-vhosts.conf maybe some more files.

    The outcome was not successful. I got Internal Server Error instead of the earlier error-message when I tried to log in to wp-admin. The different sites was not either available.

    Now I will delete the whole XAMPP-folder with WordPress and the Multisite Plugin and reinstall everything from scratch, once more. I will check up if there are any newer guides available.

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    I have one in (it’s a pay what you will eBook).

    Page 50.



    Thanks a lot for the link! I have downloaded and donated, so now I am reading…. and hopefully learning.

    Kind Regards



    I have now read through your ebook. I hope I can ask questions on it here which are in line with my thread here.

    WordPress Multisite 101.pdf says on page 13:

    You cannot install WordPress in a directory and run it from ‘root’
    One of the most popular things to do is to install WordPress in a folder off of the HTML root – for example in /public_html/wordpress/ – but use the forward facing URL of instead. 1 You can’t dowith w ith Multisite. WordPress must be installed in the /public_html/ location, especially if you intend to use Subdomains or map domains.

    This is a bit unclear to me as it compares a folder hierarchy with an URL that can be affected by redirects in the .htaccess file and of virtual hosts configs. It is not obvious to me what you mean here.

    In my case I want to create a localhost based on XAMPP (win7). I have it on F:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress. Does your point mean that I can´t have a folder in htdocs named wordpress? What solution is then the best for conflicting index.php files, if I delete the wordpress-folder?

    When you say that: ”WordPress must be installed in the /public_html/ location” Do you then mean that the wordpress-folder in fact should be in the htdocs-folder (in my case)? It can be interpreted in different ways.

    Would you please be so kind and give me an example on the right path?



    In order to help someone reading this thread I will answer my own question as I now got it working.

    Yes, I had to install it here: F:\xampp\htdocs
    Which means that the wordpress-folder must be deleted. However there will be a conflict between an index.php file in htdocs-folder with a file in the wordpress-folder that have the same name. I made a dirty solution and renamed the index.php to index2.php in the htdocs-folder, as it was containing a simple error-message, I did not dive any deeper into it. This made it possible to copy all the files in the wordpress-folder and put them into the htdocs-folder. (I did not choose the C-drive for the XAMPP installation as I got UAC-warnings there)

    Then I worked on with activation of the multisite installation. I had good help of this e-book:

    After that I installed the themes and the ordinary plugins.

    At last I also installed the WP MU Domain Mapping plugin
    which not is a quite ordinary install.

    A very looong film helped me somewhat. I found it here:
    At about 50 minutes into the film he begins talking about the domain mapping plugin.

    Now it is nice to have a local development platform where my different websites are nicely named, and so on, and where I can change the domain to what the client prefer.

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    The ‘root’ of your domain is different on many servers.


    Those are two valid, but different, ‘root’ URLs.

    What I mean is I cannot install WP in but have it run out of … yet. You will be able to with 3.5.

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