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  • I have two questions.
    1. Can I create a main menu titled Sliders so I can put all my sliders into a sub menu?
    2. I get this error when I try to save..
    This site can’t be reached

    The connection was reset.
    Reloading the page
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall

    Then when I hit refresh it says this
    Menu Editor

    Admin MenuPluginsSettings

    Note: Only users with the “[role]” role can access this menu. This restriction is hard­coded in the plugin that created the menu.

    Grant access [?]
    Pro only feature. Use capabilities (below) instead.
    Role name » Post type or taxonomy
    Edit published
    Delete published
    Edit others
    Delete others
    Edit private
    Delete private
    Read private
    Required capability [?]
    Extra capability [?]

    Override submenus [?]
    Hide all submenu items when this item is hidden

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  • Plugin Author Janis Elsts


    When you say “sliders”, do you mean that you have multiple slider plugins, or do you just need to add a bunch of links to different sliders created with one plugin? If it’s the latter then sure, you can do that fairly easily. Create a custom top level menu and then add a custom item for each slider. Set the item URL to the slider URL.

    2. I get this error when I try to save..

    That sounds like a server configuration issue. Are you running ModSecurity or anything similar? Check the server logs and verify that it’s not blocking the plugin. Sometimes a poorly configured firewall can prevent the “save changes” button from working. Usually it’s because the firewall thinks that the menu data is too large (it can be 100KB or more) or that it contains suspicious keywords like “settings” and “update”.

    Thank you for your reply! And so quickly.

    I do have multiple sliders. I have a hard time finding what I’m searching for lol

    I’d like to have a main one that just says sliders then have each one umbrella as a sub folder for that so I only see sliders. I’m really OCD and I don’t like seeing all these sliders 🙂

    As far as the menu. I kind of understand what you’re saying but not completely.
    Do you mean am I running ModSecurity on my computer or wordpress? I’d have to see on each. Should I disable all security on wordpress? As far as my computer, I’m unsure.

    Plugin Author Janis Elsts


    WordPress doesn’t support deeply nested admin menus, so you wouldn’t be able to create “subfolders” like that. In other words, you can have “A -> B”, but not “A -> B -> C”.

    ModSecurity is a firewall of sorts. It’s something that would be installed on the server, i.e. the machine that contains the WordPress site. It’s . If you’re not sure, try asking your hosting provider. You don’t need to disable all security. If the problem is really caused by ModSecurity acting up, just adjusting ModSecurity configuration should be sufficient.

    Thank you.I’ll see if I can figure it out

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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