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  • Resolved Kainer


    Hi and sorry for disturbing.

    I have updated your plugin and WC major update 2.1.1.
    My config-file is showing this: define (‘WPLANG’, (‘de’==’de’) ? ‘de_DE’ : ‘en_EN’);
    Theme is Woothemes canvas,
    No WPML installed. No translation plugin/module.
    Normal page, no multisite. I would not like to show the URL of the shop online as I am working on it as an admin for a client.

    The update went surprisingly smooth, as I did not lost products or anything similar but a few errors are still there, as I can’t reach the checkout page and I can not find a solution for my specific problems.

    1) Button ‘Kaufen’ is not linking to anything anymore. Just links to the page itself (the Page ‘Kasse’) after clicking and showing ‘Die Gesamtsumme der Bestellung wurde aktualisiert. Bitte bestätigen Sie Ihre Bestellung, indem Sie auf den Button “Kaufen” am Ende dieser Seite klicken.’ on top of the page everytime I click on ‘Kaufen’-Button down at the bottom.

    2) On the same page I have the information “Haben Sie einen Gutschein? Klicken Sie hier, um Ihren Gutscheincode einzugeben”. But if I click on this link, I get on the same page again. …../kasse/# Just with a # at the end.

    3) Next to the broken ‘Kaufen’ Link down at this page on the left I see: “Bedingungen gelesen und zur Kenntnis genommen: Liefer- und Zahlungsbedingungen (AGB) Gelesen und zur Kenntnis genommen: Widerrufsbelehrung” and before the updates I had to tick both boxes. If I would not tick this boxes I got a message on top of the page to be so kind and tick this two boxes. Now there is no message anymore. Ticked or non ticked: The page loads itself after clicking in ‘Kaufen’.

    In the setting of woocommerce I have checked all my pages and links and I think they are right. I did not change any of them, just tested one. (Bezahlvorgang-Seiten: ‘Zur Kasse’-Seite: I tried with Page ‘Kasse’ and with Page ‘Bestellung prüfen->Bezahlen’ both did not bring me to the checkout page.

    That is what is missing: I can not reach the cash out page anymore. Coupon Link on top is not working on ‘Kasse’ page and there is no going to Paypal anymore possible.

    Any ideas what happened? Any help is highly appreciated and will be supported by a healthy donation!

    Best wishes!

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  • I had to ad one more thing:

    Wiederkehrender Kunde? Zum Anmelden bitte hier klicken

    This sentence and link shows the same behavior than most of the german sentences with link on the page ‘Kasse’.

    It doesn’t know where to go. The a href is empty and just showing ‘#’.
    Where to set this parameter? I can’t find it in the setting of your plugin or woocommerce.

    Please point me in the right direction.

    The page ‘Warenkorb’ shows an untranslated button ‘Proceed to downloadpage’ (which ends up being Page ‘Kasse’.)

    Maybe that is related as well: The menu at the main navigation on the right (‘checkout/Warenkorb’-link in main menu) showed a submenu before the update, now it shows just an empty buttonfield/submenu. I guess that is related to my problem.

    Thanks for your time.

    Hi there!
    Thanks for your feedback!

    Please update first to version 3.1.2 of the plugin as the 3.1.1 had stupid debug error…

    To your questions:
    Do you already use WooCommerce 2.1+ or still on 2.0.x?

    From my understanding and experience these are all theme-related.
    Missing translations come like from an untranslated theme — you have to use own theme translations if “Canvas” has extra WooCommerce templates and/or adds some extra functionality.

    The non-clickable buttons sound like Javascript errors, most likely from the theme or other plugins. I don’t have Canvas but I read yesterday other users also had problems with the current WooCommerce version (2.1+). Don’t know if WooThemes has already pushed an update?

    What my plugin does:
    Load translations!

    What it does not:
    Anything with Javascript & stuff…! 🙂

    To further make a statement on this topic, I need to have a look myself on your site. You can contact me via my website —> I would need a temporary admin account for testing if there are any bugs on behalf of my plugin.

    I hope that helps for the moment.

    Thanks, Dave 🙂

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