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    The window with the message to contact administrator appear if a javascript error is detected even if this error is not coming from Media File Manager Advanced. So if you get the problem every time you use the plugin i will try to reproduce this with all the plugins you are using.

    What do you mean by “it broke those images” ?

    I do get the problem each time I go to the manager, and did not have the error prior to the update. I’ll gladly let you into my admin if you’d want to take a look there. I did deactivate all my plugins and tried with each one reactivated one at a time, but the error occurs even when all plugins are deactivated.

    I use chrome as my default browser, for some reason after I moved some images into another folder today, those images gave the image doesn’t show (like a broken image icon) on the spots where the images were placed in the posts. When I opened the site in IE, the images appeared, so I cleared my browser cache in chrome and reopened site and they all the images reappeared just fine.

    ok, well darn it, it’s just done it again with the images, but even in IE now they are not showing. This is a screenshot of the images after being moved to a folder:

    ok, doing some more testing here, I moved the images up 1 folder, and now the images appear again.. the folder I’d put these in was a newly created folder in what is like /uploads/bloghops/newfolder they are now just in /uploads/bloghops/

    I’m going to leave them there, because while I don’t have really any visitors yet, I know I’ve had a few and need those images to be working.

    and here is how those images do show in mfma.

    Sorry for all the posts, trying to give you as much info as possible.

    Plugin Author Zefta


    Hi, sorry for all this i’ve made a mistake with the new folder rights…
    It must be solved in the new version.
    If you still have the error when you open the plugin in page i will accept to check and try to fix it on your server.

    Thank you contacting the support.

    Sorry Zefta, couldn’t be online till now. I installed the update, and still have the same error, even with the images.

    Plugin Author Zefta


    Ok, can you send me url login password to your server at

    Hi there

    I just installed the plugin it is great but i get this exact same issue only in Chrome. If i load the plugin in Firefox there is no pop and further to this using Firefox to check for JS errors, there are none.

    Seems to be an issue with chrome maybe?

    Also no error in chrome error console:

    Also how do you actually put a file in the folders? Just realised! i can create folders but there is no means to actually put files in them…

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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