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    • Local install
    • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server
    • Nginx server
    • MySQL DB
    • WordPress placed in subdirectory of main domain

    Good things:

    • I’m able to save images to the media section, they show up in uploads.
    • I successfully changed the twenty seventeen theme.
    • Data about images is successfully populated in the wp_posts table in mysql.
    • Able to create content categories and sub categories.

    Current issues:

    • Unable to upload or use an already uploaded image for the featured image. The update process seems to timeout before generating “Updating failed” message in browser.
    • Unable to edit or delete a post generated from the installation process. Get “Updating failed” in my browser.
    • Unable to create a new post. Obtain a “Publishing failed” message in browser.
    • Unable to log errors using WP_DEBUG_LOG in the wp_config.php file despite touching the debug.log file in the wp-contents folder.

    Any suggestions welcome…

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  • There are several open issues on GitHub matching this, all with nginx mentioned.

    Thank you for the link. It’s helped me figure out some troubleshooting techniques.

    I’m wondering if I have and incomplete WordPress install.

    When creating a new post, there’s an auto save feature that’s failing. There’s a request sent with the name “autosaves?_locale=user” but more importantly it’s in a sub directory of “wp-json/wp/v2/posts/37” that doesn’t exist. I don’t even have the wp-json directory at all. The response is a 404 error in HTML form.

    Should a wp-json directory exist on my server? The only WordPress sub directories I have are wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes…

    No, it’s the path used for the REST API. If you have the API disabled in any way, it will return a 404, which means the editor won’t work right.

    Thank you, that’s a big help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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