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    Recently i’ve encountered error 503 of my worpress blog. Currently im runing WP 2.0.3 on siteground.

    I have contacted my provider and was informed that there are too many process running on my server thet caused the overloading that have trigger the automated script in order to safeguard other ppl on the same server.

    I did some searching and found out about DoS but im not sure if this is the case. I did check the number of hits on the page to be more than 80K. Usually i would get around 20K hit/months. I’m running SpamKarma, akismet and Bad Behaviour on my blog.

    So currently, i can’t even log in nor browse my URL from home but sometimes i’m able to logon at the office but have to refresh like crazy ( 1 in 10 tries )…so it’s hard to do any modifcation or do some troubleshooting..

    I have read thru most of the error issues posted but nothing like what i’m facing. So don’t have a clue what to do next?

    Hope someone can point out what’s going on with my blog?

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  • Gotta admit that I’m one of these folks who think running three different anti spam programs on a blog is overkill. Sort of like wearing three condoms. 🙂

    What other plugins are you running?

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