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  • I tried to update to 3.7.1 via update on dashboard and received error 500 indicating server not available. I was able to access all o0ther aspects of the admin dashboard including posts, delete comments etc.

    I looged a call with my host who eventually said I should get intouch with wordpress forums as it appeared to be a code issue. As I tried to log issue here today and gathering info, I now discover that instead of error 500 coming up I get a blank screen. I can backspace to the dashboard. I noticed on the forum reference to similar issue with earlier version and suggesting to disable plugins and then retry update. When I went to plugins page i got same blank screem.

    I have a single site…i have never modified any code myself and as far as I remember I has successfully updated to 3.7 a couple of weeks ago and after that, updated some plugins prior to trying to update to 3.7.1.

    Any suggestions.

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  • The other day I had a similar issue while trying to update WP to 3.7.1. I was receiving a core error (line 80) and the automatic update would not complete.

    The problem was that I had no remaining space on my hosting account, due to automatic updates.

    Since you already talked to your host, this might not be your problem, but I felt it was worth mentioning.

    I trawled through forums and found some similar issues and many seemed to point to potential problems with plugins. YOne thread suggested I rename my plugins folder, sign back into my admin dashboard and try and update workdpress. Did that and bingo it updated fine. The thread suggested I rename plugin folder back to normal and then reactivate the plugins one by one. Eventually found one that seemed to have errors (which I had never seen at any time since I activated it) so it may be if had a conflict with wordpress 3.7.1.

    Any way all back working.

    Hi there,

    When you say ‘rename the plugins folder’, will any name do? The message I am getting is “Problem loading the page” and “The connection was reset” everytime I go to update my plugins or try to update WP to 3.8. Fortunately I can still post articles etc., but forget about updating anything.

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