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  • Hello everyone,

    I’m a seasoned WP user, but I can’t resolve this one apparently. Thank you for any help.

    I moved my entire online presence (8 domains) from 1&1 to Dreamhost recently, and everything is working fine. But as of this morning, two of my WP blogs (the main ones, of course) send back a “500 Internal Server Error”, after almost a minute of loading nothing (43 seconds according to Firebug). This is true for both the blogs’ roots and their admins.

    A 500 error? Bad .htaccess? I deleted the file, and still get the error. Besides, even the admin does work, so how could htaccess be in influence there? And nothing was changed since the 2.9.1 automatic upgrade earlier this month, and it was working fine then. I even got a comment tonight, so it was working then…

    40+ seconds of loading time for nought? Maybe an infinite loop somewhere? I manually deleted all the non-custom files and folders (/index.php, /wp-admin, /wp-includes, etc.) from FTP and uploaded fresh copies from a just-downloaded WP archive. No dice.

    Maybe my costum theme is at fault, then? Don’t see how it could influence the display of the admin, but in any case, I also upload from copies of the defaults themes, and gave a wrong name to my custom themes so that WP would revert to Kubrick. No dice.

    So, let’s get to specific, then, ‘cos that not fun enough currently 🙂

    My setup is thus:
    – main family domain, static page and basic PHP script (mailer), works.
    – my subdomain, static page, works.
    – main blog, fails.
    – secondary blog, fails.
    – test blog for WP trunk, WORKS!
    – brother’s blog, WORKS!
    – another blog, same hosting machine, WORKS!
    – another blog, same hosting maching, WORKS!

    Funfunfun, heh?
    So, the curious thing is that the only blogs that fail are the ones that are linked from my subdomain root (and which are well-known), while a third blog sharing the very same characteristics (subdomain, SQL config et al.) works fine.
    That working third blog doesn’t have pretty permalinks, but as I wrote earlier, I don’t think it has an impact since even /wp-admin is giving me a the 500 finger.

    Piracy? Hacking? I checked around, and couldn’t find any weirdly modified files. Plus, since I re-uploaded /wp-admin & co, and gave bogus name to my normal theme, you’d think had hacking been the answer, it should be catered for right now, and I should be able to at least access the admin… Right?

    So, hive-mind! Is there anything I could have forgotten to check? Thanks a lot for any insight. I’m here all day 🙂

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  • File/directory permissions? Plugins?

    Thanks for answering.

    All files are at 664, folders are at 755.

    Plugins: not sure it’s important since I don’t think it infuences the display of the admin, but who am I to judge? 🙂
    1bit audioplayer, audio-player, google sitemap generator, spamkarma2, ultimate google analytics, simple-deezer, wp-shortstat2, xhtml-video-embed, wpdb backup, text-control.

    Tried renaming /plugins to /__plugins so that none would be loaded, no dice.

    Ok then, news…

    I tried simply using the working third blog’s database prefix as the main blog’s prefix, and TADAM, it works. So the issue might not be with the files, but with the database itself.
    Note that both blogs are on the same database, same hostname, same user, same password, etc.

    Still digging.

    Ok then, fixed.
    I went ballistic on the database using phpMyAdmin, successfully doing a check, an optimization and a repair on all tables, and there you go, every works again.
    Still don’t know what might have provoke the problem, but I’m a happy camper.

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