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  • Hi,

    I was validating my pages and on just one page came up with the following error – “Sorry! This document can not be checked.” due to the Error 406 Not Acceptable.

    When I googled this most folks suggest that apache mod_security may be tripping up on a term in the URL and they suggest inserting the following into .htaccess:

    SecFilterEngine Off

    That doesn’t work on my shared server b/c apparently they don’t use mod_security.

    Also, when I move the offending page into a lower directory instead of assigning it a parent, it doesn’t get an error 406. After playing around with the name of the url, it seems that some combination of “classes/opt” is what triggers the 406. (The original url is “classes/optimal-positive-birthing”. If I change the url to “classes/ptimal-positive-birthing” without the ‘o’ it doesn’t show up. It shows with “classes/opt” but not “classes/op” and “optimal-positive-birthing” without classes is also fine.)

    I guess I can change the name, but the specific name is important to the client and I’d rather identify the problem.

    Any suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance.

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