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  • Plugin Contributor Jonathan Stegall


    It means the plugin is trying to push to a Salesforce record that does not exist. Usually it means it previously tried to create the record and failed.

    The way to debug this is to see if there are previous error logs that show why it failed to create it. If there are, you can post what they say. If not, you may have other errors or may be trying to do something the plugin doesn’t support.



    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for the really quick answer. It help me to solve the issue.

    I followed your directions. The problem was i had required fields in SalesForce that were not filled (because they didn’t exist) in WordPress. I found it with the log option of the plugin. Was really helpfull because they tell me what were the fields missing.

    But now, when i want to update the same user in wordpress or in Salesforce, changes are not reflected in the sistem where they were not changed. If i change the name of the user in wordpress, the change does not appear in Salesforce. And same with Salesforce.

    I already put “sync” in the direction option of the fieldmap and also check all the actions triggers.

    In the console log i only receive a success update message:

    Success: Update Salesforce object a4y7X00dd00dRxQq (WordPress user with ID of 170)

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again for everything!



    Nevermind. Its works now!

    I tried again and it work from WordPress to salesforce with no problem.

    But not for Salesforce to WordPress.

    do you know what could be happening? I assume it is a salesforce problem.


    Plugin Contributor Jonathan Stegall


    Are there any error messages or other log entries for the WordPress -> Salesforce problems? Or are there any PHP error logs on your server?

    Hi Jonathan. It is working now. Had problems with the required fields in WordPress. Thanks you so much for all the suppport while al the install process in our organization.

    Btw, do you know if this plugin can works with Gravity Forms fields? I am thinking in make my user registration with this plugin.

    Let me know.

    Thanks in advance!

    Plugin Contributor Jonathan Stegall


    I think it works with Gravity Forms, but it’s been a while since I’ve tested them. There is a Salesforce add-on for Gravity Forms, although I notice that it’s been a bit since it was updated. Maybe it still works, as well.

    Anyway, I’m going to mark this issue as resolved.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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