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  • I’m new to this forum.I hope I’m doing this right however, When someone go to my website( they go to my home page which has the sideshow and everything on home page works well however, when they go to another page like about me page then try to go back to my home page that’s when they get an error “ERROR 404-Page Not Found” this just on my home page , all other pages work well… CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!Thanks

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  • Looks like you may need to change that link in your menu in WordPress. ( Appearance > Menus ).

    You may notice: is the address that doens’t exist, however does which is the address for the your home page. if you switch that query variable page_id with p_id it will probably work.

    If you aren’t using the menu settings in your theme, you may try changing the permalinks in Settings > Permalinks.

    I usually use Month and Name as my setting usually.

    What is selected for the ‘Front page displays’ option on /wp-admin/options-reading.php (Your latest posts or A static page)?

    If ‘Your latest posts’ is selected, try changing it to ‘A static page’ and selecting Home from the dropdown and see if that fixes the Home link in your navigation menu.

    Thanks, guys (natereist and jkvis)for the info…Natereist, I went into the settings>permalinks and used the month and name as my setting and it seems to have fixed the problem…again, THANKS GUYS…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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