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Error 404 – Page Not Found

  • pro_hunter


    Hi all,

    I have recently installed wordpress and got everything running fine, However when i created the site i created it in a directory of its on ( wordpress)

    Once i got everything running fine i did as said and copied the index.php and otherfiles i was told to and edited as needed.

    Now the site has been running fine for a few days but last night i noticed that if you load the website it loads under http://www.castandcatch.com, you can go to any of the menu pages and they work fineand navigate between them fine.

    However if you click on the HOME link it takes you to http://www.castandcatch.com/wordpress and gives a Error 404 – Page Not Found

    Does anyone know why or if i can change the HOME settings to point to just http://www.castandcatch.com ???

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  • Yes, you need to update the home and site url appropriately. Here’s a link to the codex explaining how to do this:




    now i have totaly cocked everything up 🙁



    does your hosting solution provide support?

    Hmmm….. my problem is similar. I was editing my pages – all was fine. I see it was time to install the upgrade, so I clicked to let it install. The install failed – not sure why – but it failed. So now I’m back to my home page. Clicked “admin log in” link – which brought me to the wp-admin page. I entered my username & pw, but then it says “this page cannot be found.” My page is in tact but I cannot log in. What’s going on?!?!

    Please and thanks!

    update: also, this is really weird – when I click on my log-in link, it gives me a re-direct with % in the address bar….



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    @lizbit: It is considered impolite to interrupt another poster’s thread. Please post a new topic.



    thanks esmi,

    im totaly stuck now lol

    this is what i get now 🙁


    Esmi, apparently I didn’t understand protocol; it was my understanding that we are not supposed to begin a new topic when one of very similar situation is already running. I humbly apologize and will start a new thread. Thanks for putting me on track.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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