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  • So I recently updated the permalink on one of my pages for indexing reasons. That same page has 3 child pages that I also updated and now all the child pages give me an error 404 when I try to load them.

    The permalink is exactly what it should be and I publish it to match, it just give me an error though. Here’s the specific change I made.

    parent –
    child –
    child –
    child –

    parent – (works)
    child – (error 404)
    child – (error 404)

    child – (error 404)

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  • What you can try:

    1. Have you tried turning permalink off? Can you access the pages?

    2. What if you move one of the subpage like “color” under “porfolio”? You can try to create another page with “porfolio”

    3. See if you have a category called “gallery” that might be conflicting with your new page name “gallery”

    4. Any typos with the slug?

    5. Go to permalinks settings page and save it again, sometimes this works.

    Thanks for the ideas, here’s what I’ve tried so far concerning those:

    1. when I set the permalink to default it works fine using the, once I switch it back to “post name” it give me the error again.

    2. The portfolio page doesn’t exist anymore since the gallery one has overwritten it, but if you type in the old URL under the portfolio parent it still gives me an error 404.

    3. I don’t currently have a category named “gallery” but i may have in the past. I checked the category details and it doesn’t show up in there anymore under the category name or slug.

    4. double and triple checked typos.

    5. I’ve alternated a few different permalink settings but whenever I come back to the “post name” setting it gives me the error 404.

    Hope that gives you more specifics on whats happening. Thanks!

    Thanks for the help, I was able to resolve it. Not sure what did it but I checked it about an hour after my last post and it started working. Magic I guess.

    Glad it’s solved. Maybe it’s server cache related.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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