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  • Hi, let me start with saying that the theme is great and its developers did amazing job. For that many thanks.

    While creating a page based on the theme and tinkering with it’s possibilities I noticed a 404 Not Found error on a resource: “undefined” in Chrome debug console. The error also shows up in Firefox console using firebug. It also pops up in the Network tab of both browsers and looks similar to this: 404 (Not Found)

    At first I thought the error was specific to my page and changes I was introducing, but the error exists also in vanilla environment as created by the following steps:

    1. Install a fresh wordpress instance from bitnami on a local machine. For the purpose a preconfigured solution from bitnami was used: bitnami-wordpress-4.5.3-1-windows-installer.exe

    2. Install and activate athena theme in wordpress. (Whether updating all plugins and themes or not, it did not matter. The error was still there.

    3. On the frontpage of wordpress using athena theme click: “Hello world!” post.

    4. Head to console or Network tab of webbrowser to see the “404 Not found” error.

    According to the Chrome console the error seems to happen in javascript in a functions called from the following files: jquery.js, script.js and camera.js. I spent some time trying to debug it, but sadly, this bug is out of my league.

    I’ve seen the issue not only on my vailla environment but also on athena themed pages I found on the net.


    Did anyone else also saw it as a problem? Did someone perhaps find a solution to this problem?

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  • Bump

    I am also receiving this same issue/error on my website using this theme. It is dramatically increasing page load times. I’ve verified the issue is with the theme by doing a clean install in a new test environment; no plugins are the cause.

    Any resolution/fix to this? Currently I’m running Athena 1.0.9

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