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    Hello fellow WordPress users!

    I’ve been using WordPress for a few months now. However, recently I’ve had a website crash, so I’ve just went on and put up a whole new site, with a new WordPress installation in it. However, I’ve got some problems at the most fundamental level: viewing the domain.

    The fully story is like this: After setting up the new domain, I used (which I hope at least some of you are familiar with) to host it. However, before uploading any files, I decided to change my host to due to more bandwidth and server space. Following this, I uploaded WordPress in a subdirectory.

    My problem now is that, when I go to my domain,

    I constantly get an error 404 page from, even though I’ve now using! I don’t understand what is wrong! Ironically, I can view the domain with its default content from the new server if I use a proxy… Also, my domain has passed all the DNS tests that I’ve run to make sure that I have the correct hosting information stored on my site. Does anyone know what is wrong, and perhaps how to fix it? Should I just go ahead and run my site using a proxy connection, and assume that DNS for my country will load soon?

    Some other details that you may find useful:
    – I’m in Singapore, using a SingTel internet modem
    – I use a Mac, so any advice involving Windows settings changes (like cmd.exe “flushdns” command) will not be helpful, while appreciated nevertheless.

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    We do not recommend using free hosting to run WordPress.

    Hmm… I see. Well, never mind then, it’s just that I personally don’t have the budget for hosting, even the cheaper kind. However, the main reason why I was willing to change to this host is because they explicitly promised WordPress support on their features section.

    In any case, for anyone who has looked at this thread and considered responding or has responded: Thank you very much for your time. My website is now up and running, even when accessed from my local IP address. I believe that there was some DNS propagation slow down, maybe due to a rather large number of nameservers? In future, if such issues occur, perhaps I’ll just have more patience and wait it out first… Thank you all, once again! I really appreciate your recommendations!

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