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    When I try to share posts from my blog to Facebook or Twitter (my Facebook is open, my Twitter is open), it posts the posts to Facebook and Twitter, but the link back to my blog does not work. Instead I get the ERROR 404 message on my blog.

    Please help! Why is this happening?

    It used to post correctly to Facebook, but now it is not.

    This is the first time I am posting from the blog to Twitter.



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  • Please provide link to the page in question, otherwise it’s difficult to guess.

    This is the page I cannot share on Twitter or Facebook, because when I share the post, the link does not lead to my post. Instead, the link leads to Error 404:


    When I post my videos, however, everything works fine.

    Maybe you are not allowed to share a post that has a link in it? That is the only problem I can think of, because “People That Suck In the News” posts include links to other websites — and my video posts do not.

    I think you have the “use shortlinks” option checked on. Try to disable it.

    I actually did not have the “full url” checked. Thanks for helping me out! Now it works!

    I need easier help. This is my first time on this forum and it’s baffling.
    I’ve used publicise to link directly to my FB and twitter accounts but both give a 404

    Here’s an example
    If I copy the direct link in myself onto FB it works.

    I haven’t done anything custom to my site as far as I know

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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