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  • Hi there

    I’m runing the latest version of wordpress at Actually I’ve added a few plugins and everything was working perfect until:

    A couple of days ago my browsers (both MSIE and FF) started showing me strange ERROR 403 Forbidden messages and of course not allowing me to do anything. I found out that by deliting my site’s cookie problem was resolving but ONLY until I was to admin my site and especially If I was to write a new post or edit one of the existing ones

    Anybody with a similar problem?
    Any ideas on what I can do to solve it?

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  • A few more things. I searched the forum for other similar symptoms and it seems that

    a)quite a few users are facing the same problem
    b)wordpress has not officially come up with an answer saying “this is the problem and this is the fix”

    nstead, I’ve read various possible things to do such as CHMOD files, change or even delete the .htaccess file or move it to the admin folder

    None of the above solutions worked for me. My posts are 99% in Greek so its a bit difficult for any mod_security to be interfering with my server. Obviously I haven’t change anything on the code. Symptoms only appear when I try to post something or edit something as admin. When I logout and post as guest, everything is OK

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