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    I am having trouble getting it to work on our site, but our testing site it works like a charm. And I really like this plugin, so this is why I am here to ask if maybe you have seen this kind of error before and know why it happens.

    I am trying to narrow it down. My guess is that is some kind of CURL, or PHP-CURL SSL related issue, or server miss-configuration. We try to make our site as secure as possible and that sometimes brings an unspeakable amount of headaches. Our site has an SSL certificate and our testing site doesn’t, which is why I think this alone might be related to the issue at hand.

    This is the error I see:

    Error code [400] debug:
    [invalid_request] Missing required parameter: refresh_token

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    Update: my bad. When I wrote the message I had just installed php curl to see if it fixed the issues but still got the same results. I had to restart apache to be able to see it work. Now it works. Also, curl_exec was disabled on our php.ini and was needed for this plugin to work. Now that I see it working I can see this was somehow the issue. Sorry for the false alarm.

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    Glad to hear that it is working for you 🙂

    Lara Support

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