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  • Hi,

    Using WordPress 3.5 and the current version of the free plugin. All of a sudden, this has come up on my homepage:

    Warning: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: Unable to open ‘[removed]/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/special-recent-posts/cache/NzA3MG5vLSVDRSU5QyVDRiU4MCVDRSVCRiVDRiU4NiVDRSVBRiVDRSVCQiVDRSVCOSVDRSVCRiVDRiU4NS0lQ0UlOTglQ0UlQUQlQ0UlQkMlQ0UlQjclQ0YlODItJUNFJTlBJUNFJUIxJUNGJTgxJUNFJUIxJUNFJUJDJUNFJUJGJUNGJTg1JUNGJTgxJUNFJUIxJUNGJTg0JUNFJUFGJUNFJUI0JUNFJUI3JUNGJTgyLSVDRSU5MyVDRSVCNSVDRiU4MSVDRSVBQyVDRiU4MyVDRSVCOSVDRSVCQyVDRSVCRiVDRiU4Mi0lQ0UlOTUlQ0YlODUlQ0UlQjElQ0UlQjMlQ0UlQjMlQ0UlQjUlQ0UlQkIlQ0UlQUMlQ0YlODQlQ0UlQkYlQ0YlODItNTAweDI5OA==.jpeg’ for writing: File name too long in [removed]/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/special-recent-posts/lib/phpthumb/ on line 672

    Any help, much appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author Luca Grandicelli


    Special Recent Posts has now a dedicated help desk available at – Please use that system to post any question or suggestion. Thank You.

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