• I’ve had this problem for a long time, and it does not work even after the most recent update.
    I have not activated adblock.

    When I try to insert an article, this text appears: You are sending requests too quickly. Try sending requests less frequently. For more information, see the Efficiency Guidelines.

    At the beginning it worked, after some time it stopped working.

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  • I’m getting the same error that I’m sending requests too quickly.

    does anyone know the solution?

    I have this problem since december and no solution. Most of the time, the calls to the API don’t work (it replies a error 503). And I am almost sure I am not reaching the guidelines limits. There are some other people with the same problem.

    And also, the links or images do not show later at the front-end.

    I think it is something between the API limits and the Plugin management of the calls.

    I am still waiting.

    No official response yet?

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