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  • I have an issue that I haven’t seen in any of the forums, and my hosting
    company was unable to assist with.

    It seems – all of a sudden – if there is a short span of inactivity on my
    site, when I click a link I get:

    This webpage is not available. The connection to**was interrupted.

    But then all is fine once I reload, until I stop navigating the site. Some time
    passes, a minute or 2, and I get it again. It seems to have happened all
    of a sudden.. I don’t think I’d installed a plugin that may be causing
    the issue. In Chrom & FF

    Any ideas? :/

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  • It sounds like a web browser issue. Here’s a Google forum talking about it:

    Looks like this thread is about Chrome specifically, and an “Unknown error” code. I’m getting “The connection was reset”, in all browsers. :\

    Have you tried accessing the computer from another computer on a different internet connection?

    Yeah. Other people on the site are experiencing the same thing. I’m perplexed.

    Sounds like a server issue. Do you have a link? What did your hosting provider say?

    I’ve never heard of such an error with WordPress. But you can try a few things. Rename your plugins folder to deactivate all your plugins. If the error still exists you know it’s not a plugin. Then change the theme to the default. If the error exists then it’s not the theme. At that point you’ve pretty much ruled that it is a server side issue.

    Site I’m working on is:

    GoDaddy said that everything was in order on their side, and that I should check the WP forums. Couldn’t find anything specifically there.

    I only have 2 plugins, and I did deactivate one to test, but the issue remained.

    I haven’t tried going to the default theme tho… will I lose anything by doing that?

    I’ve tried to load the page a few times, but it takes a while to load, so there’s something that’s continually loading that’s causing the errors. I’m using chrome, and if you use it as well, you can load the developer tools to try and determine what is loading slowly. Then you can determine where the issue is. So I ran a test here:!/AGNs2XwEn/!/nxtmefQwT/

    You have 60 requests just to load the home page. And it’s taking almost 6 seconds. Think about it this way, if you’re not running caching in some form – if you’re site gets a 100 visitors – that’s 6000 requests.

    I hope this helps!

    Sorry about the link:

    Chrome developer tools?

    And are you talking about suing some kind of caching plugin?

    Sorry, fairly new to all this – thanks for your help!

    Yes, you may want to look at using wp super cache. But you have a lot of JS scripts loading, so it’s making a ton of requests to the server just for one visitor. If you use Chrome, you can see what is loading on the page, and it can help you. However, it’s easier to use the pingdom link I posted.

    strange. I’ve run the pingdom thing a few times, getting an average load time of around 2.5 sec. Installed Super Chache..cleared all my browser history, still getting the connection error :\

    @steveknarf: How did you solve the issue? I’m facing exactly the same problem. Please help.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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