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  • I am using this plugin with the following shortcode: [embedfb] (pretty much taken straight from the example in the documentation) to display thumbnails (and ultimately full-sized photos in a lightbox) from a Facebook album. Up until recently, it was working as expected. It currently displays the following message:

    Error: (#10) To use ‘Page Public Content Access’, your use of this endpoint must be reviewed and approved by Facebook. To submit this ‘Page Public Content Access’ feature for review please read our documentation on reviewable features: (only visible to admins)

    It seems like this is a change on FB’s end… I tried following their instructions given in the link in the error message, but after logging into the App’s dashboard, things quickly got over my head. Now I’m not really sure if this is something I need to do or if the message is directed towards the plugin developer.

    Any guidance you can provide to get this working once again would be greatly appreciated.


    This was just recently brought to my attention by the site owner

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I’ve gone into the FB Apps settings, created a test app, created a test user and changed the API info in the plugin’s settings. When logged in to FB as the test user, I no longer get the error message, but the album is not displayed. Instead, just the url of the album (which is passes to the shortcode) is displayed.

    See screenshots here.

    I can see that a call is being made to the API every time I load the page. I can’t tell what data is being returned, if any, but i’m not sure why the result of the shortcode being executed, regardless of what data is returned by the FB API call, is to display the URL of the album passed to it.

    Again, any guidance here would be greatly appreciated.

    @daveh0, this has happened on our site as well. Looking forward to hearing back from the developer on this.

    gives any news? i have also Problems to post Facebook Gallerys

    I am having the same issue with our site.
    Any fix for this?

    Thank You.

    I have the same problem. I updated to v3.0.5 of the plugin but that did not fix it. Would welcome advice on how to proceed.

    Just adding this because I forgot to check the email notification box when I posted my previous message.

    Hey .. gives any News about this?

    Also having this issue, probably a problem on Facebook’s end. Their docs imply that it the app is in test mode and the page I’m accessing is one that the app owner has admin privileges on, that everything should work. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

    Alright, looks like this has something to do with different types of access tokens. This support request suggests that in development, you have to use a page access token instead of an app access token.

    To get a page access token, I went to the Graph API explorer, selected the app, selected, the page, added the ‘manage_pages’ permission, and then clicked “Get Access Token”. It popped up to have me approve the app and give it access to the page in question.

    Then I hard-coded that access token into the plugin code where it had been generating its own access token based on the app id and secret, and everything worked as expected.

    The plugin doesn’t currently have anywhere you can filter this in without altering the plugin itself, as far as I can see. Would be great to have that added, and maybe even an admin option to override the access token.

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    @eclev91 users they have no plan for php js json or sql can not do this ..
    it was nice when the developer can make something…

    Plugin Author poxtron


    The premium version will set the needed token to access data from all of your pages that includes albums, events, and posts.

    Guys you need to give it a try it is free for 2 weeks and yes you can cancel the subscription and still keep the plugin you don’t have to pay for something you don’t like so please try it, test it and let me know if it is working for you and if not I will make the necessary adjustments.

    @eclev91 You can also set any access token using the filter wef_access_token



    @poxtron That filter worked great, thank you! May end up buying the premium yet if the client wants to customize the feed more, though I did figure out how to override the template from my theme. Appreciate the support!

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    @poxtron it’s come to my attention that my generated page access token will expire in something like 30 or 60 days. Which isn’t ideal. Are you suggesting the premium version takes care of requesting a new access token on the reg, and will fetch a _page_ access token rather than an app access token? Because the issue with the app access token is that it won’t work with an un-published app, even on pages you own (as documented above).

    Plugin Author poxtron


    The token on the premium version has a 2-month lifespan that is the maximum time for an extended token but atleast you have a neat button to refresh it 🙂

    Refreshing a token is a pain no matter how infrequent, but that’s obviously Facebook’s problem, not @poxtron’s!

    Not sure why they obfuscate it so much, but I was able to roughly follow the instructions in this article to get a page access token that doesn’t expire. This is a great solution if you’re accessing a public page and the app developer also has admin access to the page, because you never have to leave test mode.

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