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  • I’ve just tested and the score can’t be modified.
    I’ve opened the prediction page, the score was 0-1, I have expired the match and changed my score to 10-21.
    After clicking on save, the previous score was shown, not 10-21.
    So it’s good 🙂

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    Hi Nerivelton. The plugin should handle this correctly. The code has some checks when saving predictions.

    If you’re getting an error, can you give me some more information on how you got this error? If I can reproduce the error I can fix it.

    Tested as follows: I saved a guess and let the page open in another tab was admin and changed the departure date for a term to have won. I returned on the page that was open and able to change the score when I clicked save the score that was changed with the random term has expired.

    Note: Text translated by Google PT for AT, sorry if there are failures.

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    Sorry, the information you’re trying to give kinda gets lost in translation. It’s hard for me to understand what is going wrong here.

    The code works as follows: on a save of the predictions, every game is checked against the current system time of the web server. So there is – in normal circumstances – no way a user can alter a score if the date & time of the match are after the closing date (if set in the admin), or the date & time are beyond the time thresshold (in seconds) before the game (the other option in the admin for the closing of the allowable prediction period).

    Only times I have seen this gone wrong were with timezone problems (or daylight saving time). Can you do some tests with that? See if changing the time of a match 1 hour earlier or later (depending on the timezone you’re in) does any difference. If not, extract/add another hour.

    Any findings from you will maybe help me reproduce this and, if it is a bug, fix it.

    The pluguin works perfectly does not allow sending predictions after the date.
    This occurs when the browser is open after the date.

    If player to open the browser page before the deadline and do not update until the deadline after deadline and save the predictions are saved

    Trying to explain with an example:

    Brazil vs Spain
    Date 25/06/2013 time 16:00
    Deadline for predictions in Plugin 15:45
    User opens page of predictions 15:44
    User Saves predictions 15:50
    The predictions are saved even after the 15:45

    translated by google translate

    Congratulations for plugin

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    Well in fact the scenario that you describe here can only happen – as far as I know – in the case there is a mismatch between the server time and the settings in the plugin.

    And in most cases I have seen this was related to daylight savings time. As in: you think the deadline is 15:45, but in fact due to the DST or timezone being incorrect the deadline is 16:45.

    I have put together a small test page to display some settings for the plugin, wordpress and server. If you mail me at wordpressfootballpool [at] gmail [dot] com I can send you this file so we can – hopefully – get some more information about what is causing the problem.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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