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  • Warning: is_dir() []: Stat failed for /nfs/c01/h02/mnt/38488/domains/ (errno=40 – Too many levels of symbolic links) in /nfs/c01/h10/mnt/38488/domains/ on line 1942

    I just upgraded to 2.8.4 from 2.8.2 and now i get this error when attempting to upload a photo to the site. any suggestions?

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  • Check your permissions and try contacting your web host about this.

    i checked the permissions, 755, all good. I didn’t have the upload problem until i upgraded to 2.8.4

    I’m having exactly the same problem – Does anyone have the solution?


    I’m having this same problem. I’m on a MediaTemple Grid Server, not sure where other people are hosted. Anybody found a workaround yet?


    I just opened a bug report on the wordpress trac site here: . If you guys have any more information about it, please log in and add to my meager description :). You can login to the trac site using your forum username/password.

    Have any of you contacted your web host about this? If so, what did they say?

    I’m having the same problem.
    I am on a MediaTemple Grid Server too, or it’s just MT’s problem?

    Looks like we’ve found the common thread – I too have been developing this site on MediaTemple’s Grid Server, although I’ll be taking it live on my client’s other server, but I was hesitant to move it over because of the error. May give it a go to see if that solves it, but given the large numbers of people using GridServer would be good to solve it.

    IVE GOT THE SAME ERROR TOO — also on media temple — opened a help ticket but am being told i need to some sort of editing to my database – which doesn’t seem right, this problem just cropped up out of no where and it im not the only one having it, its most likely on their end. Anyone else received information about a resolve?

    Yep, seems like that’s it. Someone at WordPress has updated the troubled ticket I submitted ( He says it’s not a Word Press specific problem, but rather that a basic PHP function (is_dir()) is failing, and suggests we take it up with our hosting provider. Since it seems like it’s getting us all on MediaTemple, I guess we should start submitting trouble tickets to them and see what we can get done.

    I can say that it isn’t effecting all of my clients on grid servers. Some WordPress installations, which are fully upgraded, are working properly, so it may be a specific grid cluster? If anybody hears a response from Media Temple, let us know!

    Problem resolved found solution at:

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