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    Sorry but I do not speak English (this is a Google translation)
    After installing the plugin Subscribe2, in settings I have this message, what should I do?

    “You seem to be the author of notifications from an email address different from your blog, this can lead to errors in emails”
    thank you

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  • @patrick54,

    You need to use an email that is on the same domain as your blog. So, if your blog is you need to use an email address like

    You may need to create this email account first and then also create a new user in WordPress at administrator level giving them that email address. Finally, use that new account as the “Sender” in the Subscribe2 Settings.

    Thank you for your response
    I created an email address at my hebergeur:
    I created a new administrator in WordPress giving this email address
    But I do not see in Subscribe2/parametres, where I can put this email address?
    I must be connected with the new administrator account for this to work?


    Once you have created the user you need to select their account name from the drop down list in the Notification section where it says “Send Email From:”.

    If in the dropdown list, I selected “author of the article” instead of, what is the email addressed?
    Does it work well?
    One last question: Why would a visitor who registers his mail on the home page, which receives a confirmation of e-mail subscription, have not access to their profile to choose their subscription options, but always the subscription area on the home page of the site?
    Again thank you for your help


    “author of the article” will send the email using the details of the currently logged in user. It is better to set this as a specific user name with the correct address.

    A visitor who registers his mail on the home page becomes a Public Subscriber. To have access to a profile to choose their subscription options they need to be a Registered User of your blog, with a username and password.

    Last question and I think my problem will be solved:
    In the drop-down menu of current subscribers, I have:
    * All users and subscribers
    * The public subscribers
    * Confirmed
    * All registered users
    * The registered subscribers
    What exactly each parameter ?


    This is answered in the FAQ but I’ve noticed it needs an update so the revised answer is below.

    There are basically only 2 types of subscriber. Public Subscribers and Registered Subscribers.

    Public Subscribers have provided their email address for email notification of your new posts. When they enter there address on your site they are sent an email asking them to confirm their request and added to a list of Unconfirmed Subscribers. Once they complete their request by clicking on the link in their email they will become Confirmed Subscribers. They will receive a limited email notification when new post is made or periodically (unless that post is assigned to one of the excluded categories you defined). These Public Subscribers will receive a plaintext email with an excerpt of the post: either the excerpt you created when making the post, the portion of text before a <!–more–> tag (if present), or the first 50 words or so of the post.

    Registered Users have registered with your WordPress blog (provided you have enabled this in the core WordPress settings). Registered users of the blog can elect to receive email notifications for specific categories (unless Digest email are select, then it is an opt in or out decision). The Subscribe2->Your Subscriptions menu item will also allow them greater control to select the delivery format (plaintext or HTML), amount of message (excerpt or full post), and the categories to which they want to subscribe. You, the blog owner, have the option (Subscribe2->Settings) to allow registered users to subscribe to your excluded categories or not.

    problem solved
    Thank you again for your help

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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