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    I’m using the latest build, Version 1.52.
    I’m seeing some erratic behaviour in the plugin’s pop-up windows in the Widgets page of the WordPress admin area. When I press “Edit Limitation” the pop-up opens, the admin options flash, and then disappear. I’m left with a blank pop-up window. This is confirmed on Chrome and Safari. I tried going through my plugins, and I thought for a moment there was a conflict with TinyMCE Advanced (when disabled, the admin content of the pop-up remained on screen), but then refreshing the Widgets page brought the same behavior. I tried also disabling WP Lightbox Ultimate, which I thought may clash, but this is not the culprit either. I don’t see any other plugins I’m using that could be suspected of clashing with this function.
    The strange part, is that I have some abandoned widgets in the Inactive Widgets part of the Widgets page that work. The admin details come up fine when you press “Edit Limitation.” I tried dragging a widget from my active Sidebar to the Inactive Widgets space, and testing, but it failed.
    So the problem is not consistent and I cannot see what plugin (if it is a plugin) could be conflicting with the Widget Logic plugin.
    I really like this plugin. I hope someone can propose a solution.
    Please be descriptive in any replies, as I’m not greatly competent with code.

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  • I’m seeing this in Chrome’s console window, if it helps:

    GET 404 (Not Found) jquery.min.js:4
    f.each.f.cssHooks.(anonymous function).get jquery.min.js:4
    f.extend.css jquery.min.js:4
    f.each.f.fn.(anonymous function) jquery.min.js:4
    e.extend.access jquery.min.js:2
    f.each.f.fn.(anonymous function) jquery.min.js:4
    _nmObj._setCont jquery.nyromodal.js:22
    $ jquery.nyromodal.js:28
    _nmObj._callFilter jquery.nyromodal.js:22
    _nmObj._load jquery.nyromodal.js:22 jquery.nyromodal.js:22
    _internal._init.nm.opener.unbind.bind.nyroModal.nyroModal jquery.nyromodal.js:22
    f.event.dispatch jquery.min.js:3
    f.event.add.h.handle.i jquery.min.js:3
    f.event.trigger jquery.min.js:3
    f.fn.extend.trigger jquery.min.js:3
    e.extend.each jquery.min.js:2
    e.fn.e.each jquery.min.js:2
    f.fn.extend.trigger jquery.min.js:3
    _internal.nmManual jquery.nyromodal.js:22
    _internal.nmData jquery.nyromodal.js:22
    (anonymous function) widgets.php:5683
    f.Callbacks.o jquery.min.js:2
    f.Callbacks.p.fireWith jquery.min.js:2
    w jquery.min.js:4

    p.s., that code above is outputted even on the widget in the Inactive Widgets area where the admin popup works, and the Widget Logic settings are present correctly.
    Also, note that I’m on WP 3.4.2. I didn’t upgrade to WP3.5, but I did update the plugin. Mind you, I updated the plugin only today, when I noticed it wasn’t working.
    Is the latest build of the plugin back-compatible with WP 3.4.2?

    Plugin Contributor alanft


    I think this might be “widget logic visual” not widget logic

    You’re right! So sorry! My oversight

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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