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  • Delagardi



    I need to migrate a site from hosting company to my localhost (I am using XAMPP on my computer)
    But I have the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE and don’t know what I need to do for now.

    What have I done:
    1) I made a backup of DB from hosting company
    2) Change URL in sql file from [] to localhost/site
    3) Import this sql to phpmyadmin
    4) Trying to enter site on my localhost (go to http:/localhost/site) but I meet the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error.

    What have I done trying to fix this:
    – Checking my other sites on my localhost (all work)
    – Reboot Apache/MySQL
    – Clear cache and cookies
    – Trying to use another browser (Firefox. I have Google Chrome by default).
    – Check PHP versions (backUp 5.2, XAMPP 5.4.7)

    What do I need to do or to check for now? Can anybody help me with this issue, please?

    WordPress version of backUp is 4.8.2

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  • Rhand


    What did the Xampp logs at \xampp\apache\logs\.. state? Could however also be a Chrome specific error. If there are not Xampp errors / access logs related to the issue. Do check!category-topic/chrome/report-a-problem-and-get-troubleshooting-help/E9OS9mS6yc8



    Thanks for your answer!

    I check it for now. Nothing special was written there. Btw, other sited are working. So I think this problem is with wordpress. I tried to use Firefox. So I guess problem is not with browser.

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    Dion Designs


    Your problem is a blank screen, which has NOTHING to do with your browser.

    Blank screens are almost always caused by PHP or Apache errors. Please look in the PHP and Apache error logs for error messages, and if there are any warnings or errors (NOT notices!), post a few of errors here (don’t post the entire log!!!).

    I’m sure there are buttons or links in XAMPP to display the PHP and Apache error logs.



    Well, if you say the logs do not log anything special and that the issue is not only happening in Chrome, but also Firefox it could still be WordPress or XAMPP. I suggest you turn on WordPress debugging to check for issue in WordPress (PHP issues mainly). I also suggest you to turn off all plugins and check with default theme and work your way back. This to ensure it is not the theme or one of your plugins that is the issue.
    Also a server reset or restart may also help. Some people had XAMPP server issues and or permission issues.

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