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  • dear community, good day dear friends,

    have a issue – on a webserver i have two installations –

    a. wordpress
    b. limesurvey (see )

    i get the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE – on a surey-script – cf

    it happens especially in chrome – not so often in FireFox

    Sometimes I was able to access the webadmin section without an issue.

    i have installed LimeSurvey under a folder inside my wordpress installation – i have gotten get all kind of issues over the time.

    MyDomain.TLD/limesurvey/ (LimeSurvey)
    MyDomain.TLD/ (WordPress)

    LimeSurvey and WordPress tell the server to rewrite URLs for the browser. In my setup WordPress will overrule certain settings of LimeSurvey. well i guess that i would need to check every change and update manually the htaccess file (note; i am running apache).
    To minimize work and trouble, i can install wordpress and limesurvey side by side. then i need to redirect from YourDomain.TLD/ -> YourDomain.TLD/wordpress/, but i have clean folders and don’t cause delays
    and loops when it comes to URL accessing.

    well i just could use /w/ for wordpress and /s/ for limesurvey will keep the URL short.

    are there further options i have to solve the issue with

    look forward to hear from you

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  • good day dear experts,

    well – i have to try to find any php errors? E.g. in the webserver log or watchdog? Without any error there is nothing we can do about it.

    i can imaginge that i have to do with the htaccess rules. At this point I see that i have to take care for the .htaccess-file

    for the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE and its relationship to google-chrome: cf

    well i need to figure out what goes on here

    any ideas – you are wellcome

    i will have a closer look at the system and if have conflicting htaccess rules then i will need to install them next to each other instead of one under the other one.

    well i need to get more information about errors, so i need to find Apache’s error log and PHP’s error log.

    tomorrow i will have a closer look at the error-logs and the Apache-logs

    i will come back here and report the findings

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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