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  • Plugin Author Lewis Rosenthal


    Sorry, I’ve fallen well behind in not only getting this next release out but in support requests…

    The format=pdf is necessary, as this is how we differentiate between the web & pdf versions of the same page content. This is normal and expected behavior of the plugin.

    I take it that you are using IE as your browser, as this is a typical error message produced by IE when the content is somehow truncated when compared to the length as reported in the HTTP headers. This can be caused by a number of factors, and it is impossible for me to diagnose this condition given the little bit of information at hand. Please provide details as to platform, browser, browser version, whether you see this using a different browser, whether this is consistent across different platforms/pages, web server and version, PHP version, and plugin version. Have you tried the development version?

    If this is only happening on specific pages, we’ll need to know what differs on those pages.

    Also note that this plugin has *not* yet been tested under WP 3.8.3.



    Plugin Author Lewis Rosenthal


    Please ignore my mention of not testing under 3.8.3; I was thinking 3.9. To clarify, I have tested the plugin under 3.8.3, and have not seen any issues. I have not yet tested under 3.9.

    Apologies for the error!


    Hi!, i’m on 3.9.1 now, because I’ve updated and the error still happens. I’m on chrome but i’ve tested also with firefox and the error still happens. I didn’t test the dev version yet. Any ideas on how to debug what is making the different lenght of the content?


    Hi, any news on this? still happening.
    In FF it returns an empty PDF.
    In IE it asks for permission to download a 265KB PDF, but then the downloaded PDF is empty.
    In Chrome it just raises an the error of ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH.
    Same error repeats in every page I’ve setup.


    Plugin Author Lewis Rosenthal


    Sorry for the delay.

    What other plugins are you using? As I can’t seem to duplicate this, I’m leaning toward some interference from something else. If we can narrow that down, I may be able to work around it in my plugin or contact the other plugin author to see how we can better cooperate.



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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