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    I recently downloaded a fresh installation of Bitnami WP which is updated to 6.0.0 for Windows 10 64-bit.

    I do get ERR_CONNECTION_RESET pretty much after 5-10 minutes of doing nothing or every time I use any theme or plugin that is not pre installed.

    I use entry level gaming laptop so it does have the raw power, besides I did use older versions of Bitnami WordPress and use docker image as well with no problems

    I did try to use FireFox and Chrome (latest versions) with and without plugins and in private mode as well – no change.

    Plugins and Themes causing the problem: pretty much anything that is not pre installed on Bitnami ‘distribution’ so Astra, Elementor, WooCommerce, Hello etc

    I did unblock Access the Network in Firewall settings, I did delete and reinstall plugins, I wiped cache memory and so one and so forth. Nothing in server logs.

    No such problems on MacOS install or docker images.

    I can’t even generate reports for Bitnami.

    Any ideas / advice on how to troubleshoot this? I am not a very technical person so please use simple English 🙂

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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