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  • My business partner and me have developed some years ago an E-Commerce system for WordPress.
    It was downloaded thousands of times and meanwhile its used by hundreds of merchants.

    Over the time we noticed that whenever an online merchant became “really succussful” the online shop backend reached its limits.
    Typical problems/challenges for these merchants are e.g.:
    – product import of several hundreds/thousands of products
    – keep track of stock amounts
    – increasing the prices of all products or specific categories by xy.xy %
    – reordering the right amounts fast enough from a number of different suppliers
    – using suppliers as the ones who do the actual delivering
    – reusing the product data in a POS of a brick-and-mortar store
    – and more…

    So over the years we’ve developed a couple of helper scripts but now I would like to bring everything together to a simple ERP.

    My approach is this:
    # The ERP system runs on a WAMP stack. This gives me for one the freedom to use PHP/MySQL and web developers should have no problem to extend/adjust it (actually for the first prototype I used C#/sqlite). And like that it can also be used as firm Intranet solution. This WAMP stack approach is also used by OpenERP and Dollibarr.

    # the WordPress shop system is equipped with an API which returns results as PHP serialized array, JSON and XML

    # the ERP uses CURL for steering signals and “lighter duties” and FTP for “heavy duties”

    Since the end result should be fitting to the “real E-Commerce world” 🙂 and not just based on own our limited observations…
    …my questions to the WP community, esp. the ones who are merchants, are:

    1) would you be interested in such an ERP system and why?
    2) have you encountered above mentionend problems?
    3) what features would be good to have?

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  • Ironically, I’m looking at something very similar to this now. I would see myself as a reseller of this “animal’ you’re creating and I’d want it to be able to handle close to a hundred thousand products, roughly 30 vendors, about a hundred parts manufactured by the distributor and sold in conjunction with the parts they resell. I’d like the end users to be able to log on and spec out a job. picking all the parts they need and hold that order in the system for weeks or months while the job they bid is reviewed by their end users. Once it’s approved, my clients end user needs to be able to log back in and modify the RFQ and submit it.
    Doe this system hav eto use the “ERP” you’re developing or could they tie in their own ERP? Maybe a Sage product?
    There would have to be product images and at least two pdf attachment spots per catalog item. Like an MSDS sheet and a tech spec sheet.
    Orders would have to be distributed to the correct printer within the building for fulfillment or for production.
    There would have to be tiered pricing with flexibility.
    Order history and profile information would have to be available to the end users.
    Store credit card info… Security would be key CIPS compliance.
    I’d have to be able to style it.
    Oh I’m sure there’s more. PM if you want to discuss.

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