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  • Hello all,
    I put up my first blog up about 3 days ago after having joined a 30 day online marketing course. We are 12 days into the course. I used a service recommended by the moderator called It’s a one button submission service. We were discussing getting indexed by google on the forum there tonight. Someone brought up that it’s very important to check the footer of our blogs for disguised links. Something about hidden links can have a negative effect on getting indexed by Google (which I have NOT been so far)anyway I checked the tiny links at the bottom of my blog and sure enough 4/5 of them are links to German (I think) web sites. Is there a way to get rid of these funky links? My blog location is
    Regards… Steve

    P.S. I have been to a number of social bookmarking sites like Digg, propeller, twitter etc..and also built a squidoo lens and linked from a couple of sites to the blog in an effort to get indexed.

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  • Those are not hidden links, but credits for the people who created the theme. Hidden links is about spam links. Anyway, if you want to get rid of them (see if you can, you’re using a theme somebody put time in), you probably need to edit your footer.php.

    OK so perhaps ‘hidden” was the wrong term now that I understand a little more, maybe I should call them deceptive. These links are more than just credits they are links leading to other web sites about different subjects (Homes, Boating & Selling Linen)

    There was a big discussion on a forum last night that if Google can’t clearly define what your site is about it may leave it alone and not index it. Links to other sites about other subjects can not be helping me get indexed.

    I’m all for giving credit where credit is due. But as a rule of joining the wordpressdirect & 30 day challenge communnity the themes were supossed to be clean of these types of links.

    I need to get rid of them…any suggestions

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