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  • This plugin’s getting more and more annoying. First they took out the affiliate link functionality from the free version (understandable enough, but a step backwards all the same), now every update screws up your customized CSS and HTML!!

    Fine, we’d gladly shell out the $49 for an unlimited developer’s license if the pro version won’t have such hijinks — but then we’d have to renew it every year (though just for $34 — but still)….

    A few versions ago this was a solid four or even five-star effort. Now it’s just too problematic!

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  • Sounds like a user error , nothing has changed int he way html css is handled.

    Well, the problem is that with each of the past two or so updates we’ve had to change our HTML/CSS. Why would that be if our code and your code both remained the same??

    We can’t see your code (and we don’t know PHP anyway) but we do know ours (the HTML/CSS scripting) was the same…until an update required that we adjust minor CSS/HTML stuff, like margins and so forth. Now, however, we can’t even seem to adjust them enough to make things responsive again, displaying the same no matter the screen resolution!

    No doubt we’ll figure it all out sooner or later, like we’ve been doing with the last few iterations of your otherwise fine plugin, but it’s a real problem that each update should mess up one’s custom visual layout.

    Maybe it’s something to do with the TinyMCE (or whatever WordPress uses for its text input) and your plugin?? Because our CSS/HTML hasn’t changed, that’s for sure, except where each update now requires minor but annoying adjustment….

    Plugin Author John Turner


    Sorry, I’m not sure what your issue is, the editor can sometimes stripe code. They only changes that have been made are language translations.

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