• Hi there,
    I use(d) ErisFree’s design and …well, he’s gone! and one of the images or banners or somethings I had is also gone now. I used to have a pretty little bannery line dealie between the pink and the lighter pink (www.katehackett.com/wordpress)
    Any help?

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  • Since there’s no broken image link, I guess it was a border? I’m not entirely sure & I don’t know php code well enough to isolate the problem.
    PS: Whoops! Sorry!!

    Or CSS code. Whichever. Both. 😛

    try googling for bg7.gif , there are about 536 results to date.
    if you’re really attached to the gif, you could go through them one by one to see whether it’s there


    if you have a wordpress blog, you must have your own server space, so what the hell are you doing hotlinking from her site anyway?



    It seems to have reappeared.
    As for the rather rude Anonymous poster, I CLEARLY don’t know how to do coding for CSS/php. I wouldn’t know what to change or where. And erisfree has her programme set up so one HAS to hotlink.
    In the future? Don’t be so mean.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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