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  • It looks weird.
    In a multisite with 3 blogs.
    I have Preload mode enabled and Refresh preloaded cache files every 3 hours(180min).
    On advanced tab Cache Timeout in the beginning was 3600 sec and on scheduler timer checked with the same time(3600)
    I do preload for all pages manually and i leave it.
    If i check after a few hours via ftp, the cache directory has the folders but most of them are empty, obviously the cache has been cleared first but never recreated.
    I changed the cache timeout to 38400, that is a day or so.
    The same thing happened again after about 12 hours, empty folders in cache.
    Then i decided to to disable garbage collection by put 0 on cache timeout.
    But this way cache will never refresh, or i am missing something?
    Anyway, it doesn’t look right, and since i installed this plugin i spend half of my time to manually preload cache…
    May be is something on my site, or i set some settings wrong, but settings look straight easy, i am confused…

    Please tell me if there is something else i miss, and how to solve the problem, what i simply want is to refresh pages every 2-3 days, there is no reason to purge all cache at once, before the fresh file created, why this plugin doesn’t just replace every old file with a fresh one on the fly? it should be that simple.

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  • no matter the settings, cache is erased after a while and cache folders remain empty.
    I must uninstall this plugin.

    You should try to enable debugging and see in WPSC debug log why cache is removed. It’s possible that’s some action from other plugins which triggers removing entire cache.

    Thank you, but where is this log file? i tried to find it without success!

    I will try to find the reason although plugin now is inactive, i can’t see any difference in speed when comparing the site in pingdom with or without it, in fact its faster without it! so it s no worth really.



    You need to enable logging on dashboard (Dashboard → Settings → WP Super Cache → Debug). Log file is in cache directory (you will see filename when you enable logging) and it will log all actions related to caching/deleting cache.

    Related to pingdom, it’s problem in their “user agent” (Dashboard → Settings → WP Super Cache → Advanced → Rejected User Agents) because it contains word “bot”. You could read more:

    Please to remove “bot” from list of Rejected User Agents and re-test website in pingdom. Also, try to enable “Expert” delivery mode (if it’s possible).

    Thanks for your tips and especially your link about pingdom.

    That explains why i saw the same times when checked in pingdom.

    I was looking couple of days ago in cache directory but i couldn’t find any log file there, debug was enabled.

    But i ll give it another try.

    i always used expert delivery mode.

    ok, i removed all Rejected User Agents and tried pingdom with an already cached page.

    I stil cannot say for sure if it is faster or not, it took 1.20 seconds to load.
    without SC it takes about the same, of course sometimes the server is busy and time is higher.

    Still can’t find the log file!! where is it? is it a php file? and if it is why it doesn’t grow in size?

    Note: The site is very heavy, each page with pictures and scripts is over 3 mbytes in size, and some are over 5mb.

    Finally i removed it, my server looks really good and speedy and don’t really need it.
    On top of that it creates lots of problems.
    It erases cache for the slightest reason, EVEN IF I CONFIG IT NOT TO DO IT, and don’t recreate them immediately.
    If a cache don’t exist page takes many seconds to load and create it, without this plugin server is much faster to serve a live php generated dynamic page, so what is the point to have a plugin that strangles all day to create and erase caching files?

    Also it looks and feels a very buggy plugin, someone has to spend whole day to check if it works or not, it seems that almost never does what is supposed to do, I do not trust it!



    WPSC debug log is php file (filename contains 32 hex digits and filename is shown on admin dashboard) in the directory wp-content/cache. If rewrite rules (Expert delivery method) are serving cached files then PHP doesn’t run and log file doesn’t contain these requests. All admin actions are logged (including deleting cache on updating post, …) and actions related to creating cache files.

    You can see example of debug log in other post –

    If loading time (1.20s) includes images, scripts, style-sheets then it’s very good time and probably WPSC works as should.

    Hi again.
    Yes, i spotted WPSC Debug file.
    If i click on it when i am in debug menu it asks me for user name and password?????wha is the point?
    i use the user/password that is showed in there but it is rejected…
    Then i try to open the php file from its directory (cache) with an editor, but i cant find something suspicious.
    Needless to say that cache files are still created and erased after a while leaving cache directory empty as always.

    Honestly, everything on this plugin look and behave weird, you say to it do this and it does something else, i remember now why i had removed it 2 years ago too, for the same reasons.
    And i had try it many times in the past, always disappointing.

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