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  • Hi
    I’m new to WP and i must say i’m impressed
    I’m looking at moving my whole site to WP
    I guess WP is acting as a CMS for the site

    I have made my top nav pages as php pages with the loop embedded

    How can i get a layer of categories to accomplish this?

    Home page
    Episodes page (eg excerpts for each series(series 1, Series 2, Series 3 etc)
    Episodes shown as excerpts in each series)

    its really hard to explain, but i guess what i need is the ability to define a category to show within a loop on a php page

    is this possible?

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  • WP has excellent built-in facilities to organize posts by categories and sub-categories, with several methods to navigate among them.

    If you look at my site,, on the Good Stuff->Good Eats pages, you can see restaurant reviews by club members categorized by type of restaurant. I think this is along the lines of what you are looking for – correct?

    @vtxyzzy its similar, but i’m more thinking along the lines of this

    only fools is a uk sitcom with 63 episodes

    i want all episodes to have its own post

    each post is also one of 7 series in UK or (seasons in US)

    How can i get one page to show all of series 1 (excerpts) posts
    one page to show all of season 2 (excerpts) posts etc

    i then want an episode master page that has an overview of all these pages

    i think the key is understanding how i can categorise each post
    A) should i do it with categories and hidden categories
    B) should i do it with tags and categories
    C) a plugin i dont know about


    Master category: Good Stuff – Sitcom
    Sub category 1: Good Eats – Only Fools
    Sub category 2: Barbeque – Series 1
    Sub category 3: Restaurant – Episode 1

    Like that?

    yes thats right
    though the difference is how i present it
    i’m not looking to use drop down menus as in your case

    im wanting to use excerpts and thumbnails on a page

    on your site you don’t have pages for Sub category 1: Good Eats with a list of all the barbeques

    thats what i’m trying to achieve

    category links with thumbnails in the content of the page at each parent level (Series) before reaching the specific episode post

    I was only trying to show the use of categories, not the presentation. ‘How can I get a layer of categories . . .’

    Sorry I can’t give a complete solution. Good Luck!

    @ vtxyzzy Much appreciated mate
    thanks for helping

    I think i can probably do it with tags and categories

    As an added note, I used tags to give navigation across categories. For example, a tag for restaurants in my home city lets viewers get a page of all categories that are local.

    @ vtxyzzy yes that makes sense

    i think i get it – i’ll give it a try


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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