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  • Only ONE F.. block per line.
    Impossible to put images in the text of a paragraph
    Impossible to format more than one paragraph at a time
    Impossible to copy one paragraph’s format to another
    When we do a return Gutenberg creates a new paragraph WITHOUT formatting and NO OPTION to copy previous paragraph format.
    Let me stop here because I’m really FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY right now that you are threatening all our sites with this piece of junk.
    It is coder self-congratulating themselves without realizing they are screwing up OUR experience as CONTENT CREATORS and users.
    IMHO this needs another 2 years in development before it is shoved down our throat without killing us – aka without killing the WordPress platform altogether.

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  • Hi Marie,

    You have an interesting writing style. Thank you for trying Gutenberg and taking the time to write your review.

    Impossible to put images in the text of a paragraph

    You could add an image block before the paragraph and then align it left or right as you need it.

    Impossible to format more than one paragraph at a time

    You are right: Applying formatting to more than one paragraph is not possible at the moment. I believe I saw a github issue already in the list of things to work on for the Gutenberg team. I’ll double-check and if it isn’t, I’ll file one myself.

    As a work around, you could use the “Classic” Block under “Formattiing”. It has the same toolbar as the Classic editor, so you can use it for the longer text segments. And once you used it a couple of time it’ll be listed under your “Most” used blocks.

    Maybe you want to give it another swirl with above suggestions and see how that works for you. It’s a learning curve for sure.

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    You could add an image block before the paragraph and then align it left or right as you need it.

    I don’t want it before or after. I want it surrounded by text LIKE WE HAVE NOW IN pre-Gutenberg. You are taking away features instead of adding!

    It is incomprehensible to me that you would remove features. We are at present able to have images WITHIN paragraphs (was I not clear that this what is missing?).

    Moreover even the stupidest page builder allows for many blocks on the same line (columns) and we can achieve that with shortcodes. Now Gutenberg, PRETENDING to be based on blocks, REMOVES that possibility. What gives?

    Maybe you want to give it another swirl with above suggestions and see how that works for you. It’s a learning curve for sure.

    This is NOT my first try of Gutenberg. I tried it in April when it was supposed to be launched in June. NO GO. I tried it again now because you are threatening to roll out WP 5.0 with Gutenberg ACTIVE BY DEFAULT, and we are forced to install (yet another) plugin to stay clear of Gutenberg and not break our sites.

    Gutenberg is and remains the WORST implementation of what could have been a brilliant idea. IT IS NOT.

    75 % of those who tried Gutenberg agree with me. The list of complaints, the shear number of 1/5 stars is eloquent enough. SO WHY are you so deaf and blind??????

    If you roll this crap out, you will kill WordPress for sure. I’m not the only one looking for other solutions right now because no one seems to be ready to admit this project STILL NEEDS AT LEAST TWO YEARS of INTELLIGENT development before it can be rolled out safely.

    You are destroying a jewel of a platform.

    And thinking that I haven’t tried it, that I don’t understand how it works, doesn’t help. It shows the little respect you have for users. Even seasoned users such as myself. I run at present about 30 WordPress websites. So yes, all this, your attitude included, is freaking me out.

    ‘Nough said.

    Well, nobody forces you to do anything. You have choices.
    You could use the Classic Block, as I mentioned before.

    You can use the Classic Editor Plugin. Installing it only takes a few seconds. Much less than it took to compose your rage-written response, which quite frankly is hard to read without a chuckle or two.

    Or you just don’t upgrade to 5.0. It won’t be an automatic update and security patches are issued all the way back to 3.7, which was released five years ago. No one forces you to do any thing. Chill.


    Thread Starter MarieDi


    The dashboard is warning everyone that the new version will have Gutenberg as default and warns that if we don’t want it we need to install Classic.
    What I’m saying is PLEASE do not release Gutenberg until it is done. And right now it is NOT.
    75% of negative reviews should send SOME message, no?
    If it were done by anyone else, it would be on page 150 of the repository.

    I just don’t understand why Gutenberg developers don’t seem to be aware of how much people DO NOT want it as it is now.

    Anyway you seem to have decided I’m wrong, so it’s ok, I’ll be wrong with the other 75% reviewers of the beta Gutenberg plugin.

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    @mariedi, Birgit is taking time out of her day to try to help you and while I appreciate you’re doing the same when responding, your responses have been a bit too personal.

    Thread Starter MarieDi


    Let me specify and clarify: there has been nothing personal. Of course “You” designated whoever is making decisions about WP and Gutenberg. It did not designate any one person in particular.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    I really should have a form letter for this. I’m going to copy something into this as a reply and I’d appreciate it if people read this and keep it positive. I’m genuinely hoping for that outcome.

    This is from my reply here from almost a week ago.

    I’m getting very off topic but the thing with blogs is that they frequently devolve into a mess of either positivity (never saw that myself but I’m keeping an open mind) or negativity (OH YEAH, ALL THE TIME!)

    The site is divided into sections for support of the WordPress code, support of plugins and themes, and reviews which is feedback.

    When someone leaves a review here it is not a blog post. It’s their experience for that theme or plugin. Though as you know we’ve good software for blogging about that.

    If someone leaves a review that is substantive about that plugin or theme then that’s fantastic. Gutenberg’s 4.9.8 callout had the desired effect. People are trying it and for the most part even their 1 star reviews have provided good feedback to improve it.

    If someone just vents, hate posts, rage replies then that’s not for here. I don’t think you’re surprised that happens. Such behavior has a limited value and a short shelf-life here. These forums are moderated and no, that’s not censorship in case anyone wants to chime in that way.

    You left a review of reviews. I commented about that as a moderator. You replied in an excellent fashion and brought it back to feedback about this plugin and editor. Much thanks!

    *Drinks coffee, probably too much but here we are.*

    The people who are coding Gutenberg, who are driving it forward, who support the users, who are doing this on their own time for the community are good people. These forums are 100% staffed by volunteers. I know you get that but others will read this and again here we are.

    For their efforts they generally get a “thank you” but some disparage them, cast aspersions on their intentions and motivations. The whole effort gets accused by some and something negative and those users are occasionally downright mean and cruel. That may get tolerated on some blogs but that’s abuse and isn’t tolerated long here.

    This applies to all the reviews on this site and it’s not a Gutenberg thing. The reviews have been moderated for years. These forums have been too and that should not surprise anyone.

    If you are posting a review here and replying to reviews as if those reviews are blog posts then you’re missing the point about the reviews.

    • These are not blog posts. These forums are no one’s soapbox.
    • These replies are not blog post comments.
    • 100% of the reviews here are about a user’s feedback for a plugin or theme.
    • Sometimes when a plugin or theme has an upsell here then yes, that’s part of the experience and can be left in a review.

    That’s not a complete list BTW.

    When someone jumps all over the reviews and makes someone else’s review about their dissatisfaction then they’re not contributing to the reviews. They’re not helping the author of that theme or plugin. They’re not helping the reviewer. They’re just spreading unhappiness. That’s not useful and again, the reviews are not a blog post.

    That person doing that does not get bonus points for @ing people repeatedly.

    If you’re going to reply to a review, then please keep it about that person who left the review and their experience.

    If you’re going to try to proselytize other people to your point of view then don’t. Leave your own review. Have that conversation there. That’s were it belongs and that’s why some people’s replies are archived.


    Look, no one here is going after anyone. No one here wants to <INSERT NEGATIVE THING HERE> and that includes users who leave reviews and reply to reviews. Please keep that in mind when you read any moderator’s reply as well. The volunteers who support WordPress, the forums, Gutenberg, etc. deserve that consideration. Think about that before replying.

    Jan, I completely sympathise.

    It’s a drag when you get ignored, especially when one stays positive, indicate pain points and make suggestions to improve Gutenberg. Encouraging others, who are having issues with the new editor, to outline in detail where its not working for them. Getting them to send feedback that is cogent, while at the same time giving every indication why they may stick with the current editor for w awhile longer so the dev team are aware what should be prioritise.

    That’s why we are here and why appreciate all your support in preserving all our comments on our mission to make WordPress great again.

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