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    Hi, I’m a beginner without much knowledge of wordpress.
    1. I have a gallery Envira grid on my new website.
    2. When I click on a photo, a lightbox opens perfectly.
    3. Unfortunately, the image on which I clicked opens simultaneously the lightbox (good) and an other full screen image (bad).
    4. It’s not embarrassing at the opening because the layer with the lightbox is above the layer with the image and largely hidden it.
    5. Unfortunately when I close the lightbox, I do not see my front gallery, I must first close the full screen image before seeing my gallery page.
    Thank you in advance for any help.
    Apologize for poor english but i have no help in the french forum

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  • Hey!

    It sounds like your gallery may be opening two lightboxes, likely Envira Gallery’s lightbox and a secondary one from another plugin or from your active theme. I’d be happy to confirm if this is the case if you’ll provide the URL to a gallery on your site where this is happening.


    Hello Erica. Thank you for your reply, I have only see now that I had an email which indicated a response in my spam folder … Sorry. You are the only person who answered on both forums so I thank you for such kindness .. You will see the disaster on my site under construction … must follow the photography menu / butoh and direct link to the gallery a very big thank you for your help …. and the only answer …. Regards from Belgium

    Hi Hiram,

    No worries, and thanks for the link. 🙂

    Looks like your active theme Simple Mag is loading the images in SwipeBox. I couldn’t find any details online on how to disable this within Simple Mag’s theme settings so you might want to double check with the author on how to disable this if it’s not clear in the theme settings. That should fix the double lightbox issue.



    Hello and thank you for your kindness …

    Unfortunately, I bought SimpleMag on the site Envato + – 55USD and just to answer my question the SimpleMag creator wonder 40 additional USD … All artists are not rich….

    Thanks best whishes

    Very sorry to hear that. :/ Seems a simple thing they should have documentation on, but you may be able to hunt through the theme’s settings to find if it’s possible to disable the lightbox.

    Best wishes to you as well. 🙂

    Hi Hiram,

    I’m one of the creators of the SimpleMag theme. We have contacted you be email a few weeks ago and offered you to resolve the issue you had by email. We have never received a reply from you. Your original question was not about SwipeBox as you claim in your review on ThemeForest.

    Paid support after one year of free support is a common practice, but the rules are made by Envato, not us, we just work according to these rules.

    Send us an email using the contact form on our ThemeForest profile page and we will send you the instructions about how to disable SwipeBox.

    Hey Vasya,

    Thanks for jumping on this; great to know there are awesome people behind SimpleMag theme. 🙂

    Hello Erica and Vasya,

    Obviously I have never spoken of SwipeBox – it’s true – since this is Erica who very kindly looked at my website and told me – as you see in the conversation – it was a SwipeBox that created the problem with the gallery.

    I simply believe,when one is starting in WordPress is needed small information.

    SimpleMag documentation is very well done for the person who uses the theme as it is sold … But there is no documentation for those who need a more artistic presentation … Unless of course change the color, the font , etc.

    I bought SimpleMag in the multitude of issues because users said that the customer service was very good.

    It’s normal that you did not work for free, but when you block the forum (because you are forcing by Envato) you prevent buyers to help them …

    I read on forums that other users had the same problem as me!

    Maybe on your forum there are one or more users who have had the same problem and found a solution … So it is also a self-help and you can not get bored …

    Here’s exactly the response I got:

    “Our Knowledge Base and Video tutorials are open and if you login at our support center you can read the items and watch video tuts.”

    What I expected… it was just that Erica was very nicely done: look at the problem on the screen and tell where the problem comes from.

    I never want any disputes or controversies, but it is certain that when I will buy plug-ins, I would buy them now directly to the creator … because – you say here again -it’s Envato that is between you and the buyer. I am an artist and I know if there is a gallery of Art between me and a person who wants a work … There’s always a problem 🙂 :-;
    If I say that, it’s just because you sell – like to me – themes to people who discover WordPress. I think the ability to “turn off” that can cause problems is a good thing. The phenomenon occurs with many different lightbox …
    Conclusion: I think Erica well summarized my thoughts … What matters is that there is a person – like you – who is willing to help people like me. I am very happy with your proposal to help me, three weeks ago I’m looking for a solution and it will be very happy if I can finally finish the site …

    Thank you for Vasya response and also for Erica empathy and kindness.

    Hello from Belgium in the rain …

    Envato does not force us, they just protect our time and value of our work. We kindly ask you not to give us negative ratings just to make us to do something.

    Hello Vasya … Anyway Envato erases the negative feedback and I put a negative assessment only if I am not happy … I hope this is the respect for the customer that makes you react not an evaluation. Have a good day.

    Envato erase ratings only when they are not justified! Keep that in mind.

    Dear Erica and Vasya…. I have the info from the SimpleMag admin….
    I m wrote :

    dear Alex … I edited the file online and after 2 minutes … the problem was solved …
    Thank you very much for this information. In addition I found it was easier to work on the code directly better on the WordPress dashbord 🙂 I have not seen anything in your code that determined the opacity of the overlay of the lightbox so I’ll watch the plugin code … I do not lose more time to a “problem” that can be solved in 2 minutes … So I am satisfied … Thank you for your help.

    Hi hiram32,

    I’m currently having the same issue with a customer using SimpleMag and Social Gallery plugin, could you please tell me how to disable swipebox-slider?



    I’m also seeing this duplicate lightbox overlay issue. How do I resolve this? I only need to show the Envira Lightbox that’s already on the top. Thanks!

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