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    Categories links are still showing up on single posts. What is wrong with this?

    .entry-meta .meta-sep, .entry-meta .author { display: none; }
    .cat-links, footer.entry-meta {display:none;}

    It is removing the categories from the home page posts but not the single posts.

    Categories still show if you go to a post via the permalink or via sidebar categories or archives.

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  • Your site is infected and blacklisted. See REPORT HERE

    Yes, it appears all has blacklisted all of the sites hosted on my main domain but they give no reason whatsoever for the blacklist. I ran a scan on every single site that I have hosted on that home domain. Their whole scan of my site comes up clean – other than for their blacklist.

    How very interesting that they offer a “service” to remove the blacklist for $189.99!!!

    Bluehost – a very good hosting service – has checked and also can see no reason for the blacklist.

    So, I have written the Sucuri support service which may someday answer. Of course, their support service is closed. However some blacklist happy robot appears to be working overtime at their headquarters. I do not have a handy $189.99 to pay them to fix it. So maybe they will continue to blacklist my sites forever.

    Can you say SCAM??

    Who says you should depend on their report or believe them? There are hundreds of other services offering their type of tools and services. Use them and check for yourself.

    In your view also may be a scam. I checked your site there also. I do not report anything without checking with multiple tools.

    Krishna, you need to understand what you are looking at when you “check” a site especially before you publicly (AND ERRONEOUSLY!!) accuse someone of their site being “infected”!!

    The very clearly states:

    !! Using experimental feature: HTML5 Conformance Checker.
    The validator checked your document with an experimental feature: HTML5 Conformance Checker. This feature has been made available for your convenience, but be aware that it may be unreliable, or not perfectly up to date with the latest development of some cutting-edge technologies. If you find any issues with this feature, please report them. Thank you.

    HTML5 HAS NOT been validated or fully approved yet. Many, if not most, WordPress themes will have “errors” that an “experimental feature: HTML5 Conformance Checker” that may be unreliable, or not perfectly up to date with the latest development will find.

    You are not helping anyone on this site by broadcasting unfounded alarms.

    Ps. To anyone else reading this. I edited the Single.php of my site so no longer have the question I was initially asking here.

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