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  • Wow, I have read so much my eyes are watering. Searching for a topic is in vain because not certain what to search for. Hopefully I can explain well.

    I installed the latest WordPress. All went well. After installation I published an article. At the bottom of the page it has link for Entries (RSS), but when I click the link it shows “Page Cannot be displayed” error?

    Why am I getting the 404? Is there something in the setup I’m overlooking? Confused.

    I did check by going to and I see my listing has been posted. Again, why do I get the Page Cannot Display error when I click the Entries (RSS) link at the bottom of the page?

    I also get the same error when I click Comments (RSS).


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  • Moderator James Huff


    Please post a link to your blog.

    Works great for me but then I have a feedreader registered to the feed: protocol.

    Oops, double post. You must not have a registered feedreader. You may remove the “feed:” before the link if you do not want to use the feed: protocol.

    Moderator James Huff


    Here is an explanation and removal instructions for the feed: protocol:

    ok……….now i’m more confused. Maybe I’m thinking it is used for something else. May I explain and hopefully you can tell me where my thinking is wrong.

    First, I was using greymatter before I installed wordpress. I still have greymatter installed

    If you go to my my home page: and scroll down to the bottom you see that organge xml button. If you click it, it shows you my xml document and code. If you want to link or syndicate to this feed to a reader, the link is in the broswer for you to copy and paste.

    I was thinking this was the same for the Entries (RSS) Link at the bottom of the page for WordPress. That you clicked the Entries (RSS) link and it would show you the xml code and the link to the xml document in the browser for those who needed the link for their reader.

    I don’t understand your comment — I have a feedreader registered to the feed. In greymatter I’m not registered and I can click the orange xml button at the bottom to see my xml document and get the link from the browser for a reader. What is it I’m not understanding here? If the Entries (RSS)link is not so others can see your XML document and get the link for their reader, then what is it for?

    I’m completely confused and I’m sure it has to do with what I think the function of this Entries (RSS) purpose is.

    Can someone explain in simple terms what the differenc is between the xml button I have at the bottom of my home page for greymatter ( versus what the Entries (RSS) is used for in the WordPress blog?
    And this comment on registration has me totally confused!


    Thanks again
    p.s. I went to maxmanx blog to check it out and clicked on the Entires (RSS) at the bottom of his page and saw his xml document — yet I’m not registered to any feed. Confusing?

    You may remove the “feed:” before the link and get the same results as on your other blog. “http:” is a protocol which just displays content (thus you have to copy/paste the link into your feedreader). “feed:” is a new protocol (much like mailto:) which will launch any registered feedreader.

    As for your “p.s.”, macmanx has removed (or never had) the “feed:” from within footer.php as I said you may also do.

    This might help alleviate some of your confusion:

    thanks for you help….that straighten out the confusion. I’m behind the times and didn’t realize these subtle changes. thanks again.


    I had wondered the exact same thing. I changed the links in the footer template. Then reloaded page and WoW it worked. How nice. Now the XML shows in the browser with out having to have installed a feed reader on your PC. That is the part that reffered to a registered feed reader thingie…

    Mike from

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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